Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alexandria & Duece

My office is unique in that it is right smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Whenever I tell anyone where I work they're either shocked or argue with me. I've had several people try to correct me, telling me I must mean ... or .... No, really I know where my office is. Yes, it's unusual but I promise it's there.

So I get visitors that are not your routine office guests. This is usually not a problem, occasionally my neighbor wanders over to discuss his lawn mowing gig, or a solicitor tries to sell me childrens books. Twice I've had unwelcome visitors who made me feel uncomfortable (here and here for humorous commentary on those delightful events).

As of lately I've had a delightful bit of serene non-existence. I could have done without the pounding, scraping, beeping noises of the (nearly)never-ending road construction, but other than that things have been peacefully quiet around my work-neck-of-the-woods. Until today, today I was discovered by Alexandria and Duece.

NOT Alexander, or Alexandra mind you. It's Alex-an-drIa. Just so you know.

Three times I have been visited by these two, twice this morning and once more moments before closing up shop for the day. I've also noticed them wandering around my property, skipping around the building and dancing on the stairs to our Missionary Apartment.

Duece is a delightful little boy with brown eyes that perfectly match his precious babe-esque skin. This morning he offered to sell me his socks. "$2 to buy my socks from me!" He enthusiastically offered, when I politely declined he upped the anti "Can I change your mind since they are dirty?" As though that makes them more valuable.

Alexandria flips her light blond hair behind her head, smiles a smile that goes into her beautiful blue eyes and tells me her brother is in the hospital. "We just want some money to give him to make him happy so he can come back home." Further inquisitions reveal this as a story of some sort. Their very detailed tale woven and and reworked between each visit.

Alexandria tells me she is 6, Duece didn't reveal his age but I'm guessing he is just a bit older than Owen but younger than his counterpart landing him at about 5 in my mind. So my question to you is, where are the parents or childcare givers? I never let these rugrats into my office, though they asked several times, because that would be completely out of line. But still, where they live is to the right of my office and my front door is off the side to the left, so they spent a minimum of 5 minutes out of sight of their home twice and a third time they were here for roughly 15 minutes, let alone how much time they might have been in the back or side yard.

Though these children are bright, funny and absolutely darling this makes me very uncomfortable. If this behavior continues on into next week I will have to go talk to their parents because I do not think it is appropriate for them to be knocking on strangers doors unsupervised. I am harmless, I'm a believer and know they are not in harms way, at my office. But I don't know Joe Smith or Adam Jones who may or may not live 3 or 4 doors down.

First of all Owen would not be unsupervised that young, second of all, if he was and he was knocking on doors I pray that my neighbors would inform me.

I do wish though, I could show you how delightful these two friends are as they are quiet the "opposites attract" beautiful pair.

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