Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DIY Dreams

Ok folks, this waiting game for the house is killing me. Softly. I mean slowly. {The song "Killing me softly, with a new song, ong, oooonooooog" is now stuck in my head thank you very much!}

DIY blogs are my new favorite (of the month!) and I've seen so many inspiring and beautiful rooms I just want to get all crafty!  And thrifty.

I would love nothing more to go to goodwill right now and buy a couple of old mirrors so I could make something like this

From Knight Moves
Or like this...who am I kidding, I want to recreate this whole wall!

From Our Lake Life

From Thrifty and Fabulous

We have a canvas or two at home that I could use to make something bright and abstract using this concept for the boys room!

OOOO Here is another cool canvas art idea I could put in the boys room or in the Craft Section I have planned in the basement (shhhh don't tell the husband, I don't think he knows about my craft room yet ;)

From Unsimply Living
I love the idea of "an office in a closet" because I want our third bedroom to be a guest bedroom/office split.
From Love of Family and Home
I would love to buy some fabric and start making some pillows to go in our new master bedroom
From A Kitchen Table for Two
Ok, so we don't drink, so I don't have any wine bottles to repurpose like this but I'm sure I could find some kind of bottles or vases to turn into fabulous decor to be placed in our future kitchen.

From Just For You Inspiration Nook

Wouldn't something like this be absolutely fabulous for all of the gatherings we will be having with our church family, real family, and good friends, in our big back yard?

From The DIY Showoff

From Love Family and Home
This is perfect! I love this beautiful wall art that is decorative, but also tells visitors what the Thomas family is about, Who we are about and can constantly remind us how to behave. Might want to add "Open our home to bless others" to the list, as ultimately that's one of the main reasons we are ready for a place of our own.

I know that my husband would kill me if I start coming home with spray paint, painters tape, boxes of crayons, bare wood, old mirrors, ditched bottles or vases, and the like to start working on all of these projects, especially since I still have to get rid of ALL our crap :) But it is fun to dream!

If your wondering how I stumbled on so many fabulous DIY blog posts today check out this post here.


  1. That's why you bring all that crap home and then sell it on Etsy :D I can't wait to have my own place...the house that I want has an old shed that would be PERFECT for a studio :D

  2. if you need someone to drink some wine for you, i suppose I can fall on that grenade for you... if I must :)

  3. love the new look! are you on pinterest?

  4. Check out Sawdust and Paper Scraps, Thrifty Decor Chick, The Casabella Project, Vintage Revivals, Decorchick!, Life in the Dub Lane, Crosbie Crew, and PINTEREST!!!!!! I follow all these blogs and they all have wonderful ideas, tutorials, and lot's of pictures of before and afters :)


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