Tuesday, March 1, 2011

GratiTuesday: March is MY Month

Today I am grateful for new beginnings. For February being done, over and out! Praying that March and it's promise of April (aka spring) sweep away the snow, sickness, and craziness that plagued our family in February.

I think I will forever get a funky taste in my mouth when I think of February after this last month. I only work 4 days a week, so I had 16 work days last month and out of those 16 days I had 4 sick days for Micah being sick, 1 for really bad snow, half a day for Micah being sick, brought Owen to work for 2 days, left for 2 hours out of one to take Micah to the Dr, and worked 4 days absolutely miserable with what I've dubbed "death by throat". That's 13 days that were somehow affected by sickness. I was also "attacked" (aka visited) by a bird in my office and had two visits from "Moon Man". February was not my month.

That said, I do like to look at things as though the glass is half full, not half empty, so I am grateful that neither Brian nor Owen caught the flu bug Micah and I had, or strep bug that I think we both had, and that Micah didn't get Owens Pink Eye.  I'm grateful that despite being sick I got to spend more quality time with my chillin's, that my husband helped out more than normal with housework, and that we were able to save money last month (in a large part because of all our daycare sick days!). I praise the Lord for the new chapter in life that Brian and I are starting, and I'm enjoying the extra time we have at home to increase our personal devotion time and nurture/teach our children about the Lord.

March is my month. Praise the Lord for this respite and all of the celebrations that are coming this month, I have confidence and faith that March will be richly blessed as it reminds me of my rich blessings.

 My wedding and my wonderful husband <3

 The birth of Owen, our first child
Ha ha, love this hodgepodge picture!

Then 2 years later, on Owen's Birthday we found out we were expecting Micah (this was taken a day or two before we found out)

This was actually taken on Owen's 2nd Birthday, moments after I found out we were pregnant, but what's special about this picture is the t-shirt, the sun, the dry pavement...oh and it was taken in the evening! This picture is the promise of SPRING!

Praise God for March, because March is my month! Praying for beautiful and bountiful blessings, strength, peace and abounding love to surround our family as we celebrate both our boys, our marriage, our family (Uncle Jason shares Owen's Birthday so he and Grandma Norland are coming to celebrate) and the coming SPRING! 

(Note: I will not tolerate being told I'm counting chickens before they hatch! Spring is coming, and I know for a fact that eggs are being laid, thanks to my friend Nea and her new chicken/egg laying business :) )

(Fiction Friday Note: I have not forgotten, the wheels are still spinning. I PROMISE to post it by or on Friday. Keep harassing me, sometimes I need a few shoves. Oh and for Jess, the answer to the "who or what am I post" was a desk. You were right ;) )

What are you Grateful for today? Leave your comments below. 

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  1. Well, we spent a lot of February sick also -- between that and the ice/snow -- I'm ready to move on to March as well :-) I hope it's a healthier month for your family as well as ours!

    I loved your photos -- you have a beautiful family. Your little guys are very handsome!

    I am a new follower of your blog and would love to have come visit -- I have a post about Spring for the Heavenly Homemaker meme also.

  2. Thanks Marie, I'll be praying for the health of your family. I'm looking forward to perusing your blog tomorrow.

    Thanks for the comments and encouragement!

    God Bless

  3. Aww, this blog was so sweet. It's funny because I often think of March as your month as well! I hope you enjoy every day through...and you couldn't be more right about the promise of spring.

  4. Thanks Lia ~I remember even back in college the joy of taking my comforter outside in the last day's of March, early April and doing my homework or reading my book all bundled up on the hill.

    This March might be extra special because maybe I'll get a brief encounter with you my dear! (Hoping perhaps we can reschedule dinner or meet somewhere for coffee or ice cream ;))


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