Wednesday, February 9, 2011

GratiTuesday (on Wednesday)

I'm sorry that it has been so long since my last post. This last week has been a little insane, with two snow "storms", and a sick kid. Our normal schedules and routines have been completely out of whack. And that's just been at home, I ran into two unusual and frightening situations at work since my last post as well. One of which was a bird. A bird? Really?

Really and truly.
In college two of my dearest friends had fears of birds. I made fun of them profusely and now I deeply regret it. Outside flying around, they never bothered me much. I killed one once while driving. It splatted on my windshield and that disgusted me and made me a little more creeped out by them. But after yesterday I realize that I truly do fear them.

I realize a bird is not a bat or a rat, but it's a bird. Birds are not supposed to be comfortable getting so close to a human that they could touch, if said human was a thousand times braver than myself.

This bird and I shared about twenty minutes together before it drove me out of the building screaming. I was so frightened, at first I thought Bird was more scared than I, until it kept coming back. It would land on a chair, then walk across the floor, then jump onto my trash can (no more than 18 inches from me!) then tried to land on my purse. Each time it would get so brave my arms would flap uncontrollably and I would screech hysterically until it retreated to the lonely kitchen or hallway, only to return seconds later.

I truly wish that I could describe to you how I reacted, to give you a visual of myself squirming, squealing, and screaming at the bird "I don't like you! Leave me ALONE". My friend Kay (you can find her as she begins this blogging journey along with me over at "oh to be a bird in the room." If only it had been an episode of Candid Camera. Not that I would want to relive it through video. {{Cringe}}

This brings me to today's Gratituesday ...on Wednesday...

Today I am grateful that I am not a man. Hear me out.

I think there is a time where every girl, as she becomes a woman, or is enduring labor, asks herself, even briefly, why she couldn't have been a man. A few weeks ago I was re-watching Everwood and Amy Abbot put the puberty of boys into perspective for me, telling Dehlia to think about it again when she's making fun of a boy for his voice cracking or carrying a conspicuous text book. The scene made me smile, and reflect on all the joy that being a woman has brought me. This week I've discovered a beautiful new reason to be grateful for my gender. I am free to be a damsel in distress.

If I were a man, I would have to handle cars stuck in snow, taking questionable people to get food and shelter (Not that I didn't want to, at first.), disposing of dead mice, taking out the disgusting-worse-than-normal trash, washing dishes that look like the afore mentioned trash, and freeing birds trapped inside of office buildings.

Praising God today for all of the different tough guys who have bailed me out over the last month or lifetime and especially for Brian who gets to do it the most. :)

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