Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm sorry that I've been unfaithful to the blogging world lately. I haven't been reading or writing blogs faithfully because there just hasn't been the space to fit it into my head.

We officially close on the house tomorrow and will be de-wallpapering/painting/moving and generally going completely insane all weekend long!!!!!! I am so excited and ready to be over this hump and onto the next thing, decorating and enjoying our new space.

Owen has been extremely emotional lately. Micah rang our doorbell while Owen was inside and he comes out to us sob crying "Micah is ringing the bell and it's hurting my eaaaaars." Um well, ok then, but why are you crying about it? I guess at daycare he's been emotional as well, and threw a full on tantrum about taking a nap one day, lip quivering arms pounding, voice whining, full on crying tantrum. Um well, ok then, but why are you crying about it?

So my best guess, is the obvious one, that he's confused and emotionally worried about our move. I forget that while our current home was never permanent in my mind (though it increasingly felt like it would be as we've now been renting there almost 5 years), it is all the boys have ever known. For that I'm beginning to get a little emotional about leaving. I'm so very excited to finally be providing them with a place of their own, decorating a room special for them, and having a yard where they can play and be kids (our landlady was really good about letting us use hers and keep a sandbox out there but it still felt odd being on her property.) But I forget that Owen doesn't understand the formality of it, he just feels like he's living in the middle of mass chaos, he can't find his toys and can't walk to the tv, doesn't know what to expect at the new house or when it is all happening, no wonder he's grumpy.

He also made a comment one day about how he was going to miss his friends and our church, so we drove him by the new house last night so that he could fully understand it's not far away. We aren't "going" anywhere. He'll still be at daycare and we will still attend our beloved Cornerstone. I think it helped that we went there right after church and then right home, that way he could get a realistic kid-sized idea on where we would be.

27 hours from now and the house will officially be ours. I am so excited about all of the painting and decorating. I think I know what I want to do in the kitchen, but I think a good blog poll is in order to make sure I get everyone's opinions. I'll get mock ups made of the kitchen and see what everyone thinks.

Oh and one last thought. Packing and moving + lost keys = mass chaos.

Luckily, I am blessed with a little boy who has seen mom and dad in these situations before and knows that praying is an excellent solution. So, while I hadn't gotten quite to that point yet, he said "mom let's pray about it" and so he did, and then the very next place I looked, there they were. What a loving Lord I have for A) answering even my tiniest prayers so quickly and fully, and B) blessing me with children who are already understanding the importance of prayer, and C) for my children being able to see prayers answered.

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  1. Oh, I bet Owen will be just fine once you are moved and he sees that he really hasn't gone anywhere. All the best in your new house and what a fun time it will be decorating and making it "home." Blessings to you!


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