Thursday, June 21, 2012

Creative Juices

Yesterday I posted what turned out to be a fun little summer bucket list. All the things I love about summer that I don't want summer to end without my taking the time to enjoy them.  I also promised that I'd tell you something else I love about summer. Here it is. 

Summer gets my creative juices flowing, though you wouldn't know it by how little I write anymore. Just take these three images for example: 


If I were alone in this place, I could write a novel in a week. It would tell the tale of unlikely young love, one, that changes both characters for the better but is doomed from the beginning to end.
Romeo and Juliet meets Greece and takes a joy ride through the twenty first century.

Here I would write about a modern day Pharoah's daughter, a woman who had the envy of everyone around her, she possesses everything anyone could ever imagine for her, but she feels empty, lonely, like there is a greater calling on her life. When an unexpected opportunity arises she jumps in head first thinking this is her chance to do a little good for this world, unaware of how significantly her bravery will change her life, and one day, change the heart of a nation. 

Source: via Teresa on Pinterest

Answering the call of salvation and following the Lords will means a breaking of bonds to sin and living a new life in Christ. But for this character those bonds are her loving family, her give-anything-for-you friends, and the only home she has ever known. Sometimes, when choosing between good and better there is no definitive answer. Will she be able to see the beauty and feel the Lords blessings when the pain of leaving her past is looming over the horizon? 

Which story would you most enjoy reading?
Do these images bring different characters to mind for you?

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