Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Pinsperation

I've been itching to post .... something.... anything.... over the last few days.
So today, I had purposed to post things that inspire me using Pinterest for added interest.
Then I found this great link up (um how have I not seen this before) and thought I'd partake.

Summer in and of itself inspires me.
I love the breeze, the sun, the sounds of children playing outside.

I love that days are longer and evenings outside are peaceful and relaxing.

I love the speed and taste of Summer.

Life is fuller, but also slower.

Love is sweeter.

Source: via Teresa on Pinterest

Memories stronger.

The Lord's presence feels bigger in the landscape,
 in the moments, in the wind.
The warmth of the sun feels like the Lords tender embrace.

Ahhhhh Summer. 
I think I just inadvertently made a summer bucket list.

Stay tuned for another way that Summer Inspires me tomorrow 
(Don't worry, I'm creating the post now and queuing it for tomorrow so it doesn't get lost or forgotten)

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