Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Preparing to be a MIL Series: Preparing My Boys

Today I'm finally continuing my Preparing to be a MIL Series. So sorry about the delay since my first post, but I lost my video camera and couldn't post the promised videos without it! I've looked for it everyday since Tuesday of last week and found it this morning while looking for my wedding ring (also found), go figure! Sorry for the delay guys!

Last week I talked about the importance of praying for my heart and preparing, even now, to let go of these little monsters who are so deeply embedded in it. Today, I want to talk about preparing or training these little monsters, even now, on how to be strong God honoring, fun, loving, hard working, generous and giving husbands.

No pressure guys!

Boys will be boys. If you have little girls, and haven't spent much time around little boys, then it probably surprises you when they burst out in loud noises and explode into rambunctious behavior seemingly out of nowhere. Just as it surprises me when a six year old little girl and her four year old sister engage me in a 10 minute conversation about the adorable baby at their church who is a delight and oh my goodness cute.

Being rough around the edges is as natural to a little boy, as language is to a little girl.

That said, beneath the surface there is more to each of these beautiful creatures the Lord has blessed me with. Micah John is a true lover boy, in fact, he defines lover boy. Eager to give hugs, kisses and snuggles almost all of the time, if he's happy he gives them in abundance, if he's being a stinker he'll shake his head and say "Nooooo" because he knows it gets a laugh, but he can't resist for long (you'll see an example of this in a minute).  Owen Paul on the other hand is a daddy's boy, he's eager to please and eager to learn. Owen learns best through rhythm, not visually, so we have songs for a lot of things. Our address, phone number, 3 or 4 Bible verses, the books of the Bible, etc.

As their parents, we try to do what we can to use these gifts to our advantage to garner these strengths and use them to help us raise them up right. To be good, God honoring, woman respecting, men. We try to read the Bible with them every day, we use real life situations to teach them Biblical principals, we take turns spending one on one or two on two family time with them, and most importantly we try to show them by example what it means to live above reproach. We fail, but when we do, we often try and humble ourselves before our children, and our Lord, and ask for forgiveness.

I want the boys to grow up remembering the love Brian and I have for each other, flirtatious hugs in the kitchen, goofy dancing in the living room, laying in bed reading. I want them to see the things my husband does that makes him an excellent husband and father. I want them to see who I am, what lies in my heart of hearts and what characteristics they'll need to look for to find good Christian wives.

Ultimately, I want the boys to be God honoring men, long before they become boyfriends, fiances and husbands. I want their hearts to be aligned with God before the temptations of dating and risks of giving away their hearts ever become an issue. I want to do what I can, in raising them, to ensure that their wives will love me.

This post has been very serious, but seriousness aside, this job/mission can actually be a lot of fun as well. Training these boys up starts young and is a very important job, but there is a lighter side to this work. Some very important principals for being lovable husbands that I've started teaching the boys.

Check out these two adorable videos, and keep in mind that despite my best efforts boys will be boys. ;)

Sorry about the shaking camera I have a problem with watching Owen and not the image on the camera when I'm shooting videos : D 

So, what things are you doing, big or small, to train up your little men into amazing husbands? I love what Liz said in the comments of my first post, teaching her boys how to put the toilet seat down! That's a battle I lost a long time ago.... What other suggestions do you have? What little trademarks are you embedding deep within your children (cherish me) so that your future daughter in laws have no choice but to love you {devious laugh}.

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