Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Minute DIY Infinity Scarf

I love scarfs.

{Have you seen this amazing video?}

Just within the last year I really started to feel comfortable wearing them, and I've collected quite the assortment of them since.

I was given 4 for Christmas this year alone.
{Me thinks people know I like to wear scarfs!}

I think I have about eight, plus a few t-shirt DIY scarf/necklaces I've already made this season.

So needless to say, yesterday morning when I was looking for a fun embellishment for my black sweater, the last thing I needed to do was make a new scarf.

But alas, I'd just been given this material and it was calling my name.

The mornings are already chaotic though, so I really didn't have time to hem around the whole edge of a scarf as was described by the friend who gave me the material.

So, I decided to cheat, and make a quick infinity scarf. Here is what I did.

First I cut my material to a width I liked.

Then trimmed it into one for me and one for a friends little girl (any takers?)

Then folded it in half

And sewed the raw edges together

(It would have been better to pin the material, but I was in a hurry)

I then flipped it so the seam was inside

(to flip it I scrunched it on my hand like this, held one end and pulled the other over it)

And sewed the ends together 

Trimmed the ends to the stitch line



It hardly took any time at all and would have taken less if I hadn't been taking pictures. 

I think I just found my next project for the rest of my material

Ooooo La La! 

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