Sunday, January 8, 2012

Preparing to be a MIL Series: Preparing My Heart

I've been thinking a lot about my boys, and their futures.

About what it will be like many moons from now when they bring home girlfriends, fiances, and then wives. What a blessing that will be.

I've mentioned before how much I long for a daughter, I love being able to bless young ladies and my friends daughters, babysitters and girls from our church youth group. I love my boys, I can't imagine life any differently, but I always thought I'd have girls. Perhaps I have one waiting for me in heaven, but until then, I want to be used now as a blessing for the girls in my life and those who will be married in before I know it.

Oh how sweet it will be to gain daughters through marriage.

As the mother of boys, and (hopefully) future mother-in-law to two daughters, I have some responsibilities. I have been blessed with two amazing mother-in-laws myself, and greatly desire to be a blessing and loved fully by my daughter-in-laws in turn. So, I wanted to share with you guy's a few of the things that I have been and can be doing, to ensure an amazing relationship. I will post four key areas over the next two weeks that I've been focusing on. I hope you will join along with me on the journey, that you will feel encouraged to share things you do/did to prepare for your own daughter/son in laws.

Preparing My Heart

I have been blessed with the most adorable smiles. 

Blue eyes that reflect their fathers. 

They once had teeny tiny hands. Teeny tiny toes. 

I've held their hands, wiped their tears, doctored their wounds. 

Laughter rings through the house, their sweet voices ask for hugs, kisses, wrestles, "sugars and snacks". 

At four and two I know the memories are just beginning, the many many heart strings I already have are in all reality a fraction of what will be there when these boys have become men. 

Oh how hard it will be to let go. 

To see someone else filling my role as nurturer and lover. 

And that is why the first thing I need to do as a mother, a future mother-in-law is prepare my heart. Even now, for taking a back seat to my new daughters, to let them fill those needs in my sons lives. 

Through prayer and submission I know that the Lord will give me the strength, the heart, and courage. Where I need encouragement my husband will be there, holding me.

It is my prayer that I will be willing, gentle, welcoming, understanding, generous, giving, flexible, and that my heart will grow to make room for the new additions to our family, swelling with love and pride for each one individually. 

What are your prayers, your words of advice for preparing the heart for letting go?

On Wednesday I'll be putting up a few videos of the boys for the second post of this series. Videos of the most adorable thing ever. See you then!

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