Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Change can be subtle or dramatic,
temporary or permanent,
predictable or unexpected.

It can whisper it's way into your life 
as unnoticed as the leaves changing colors, 
or barge in like the uninvited house guest
and make itself at home on your clean sofa. 
It can feel like the fleeting excitement
and joy surrounding a fling with summer,
or the lasting pain that freezes itself 
into a mothers broken heart. 

It can be magical 
like snow on Christmas morning, 
or deceiving like blue skies that open up
and rain on your wedding day. 

We expect life to be altered when we
graduate high school, get married, have children. 
Often we overlook the impact friendships
gained or lost during these times will leave. 

A new look or style could be more 
than a new cut or shirt,
but the signs of a maturing mind, 
a healing heart, or personal acceptance. 

Death, illness and injury can leave wrinkles
so distinct that looking back you can plainly see 
the difference between who you were before and after. 

Support, laughter and prayers can leave beauty marks
so evident that others will clearly see 
for years to come. 

Change is unique to the individual,
life altering, constant,

My worst enemy 
and my greatest asset.

I wouldn't be who I am today,
believe what I do,
trust so completely,
grieve so compassionately,
or live so fully 
without the changes 
that have molded and shaped me.

The pain that has taught my how to cry,
the friends who have showed me how to laugh,
the faith that helps me do these simultaneously,
are irrerplaceable. 

Change shall not define me, 
but point to the One who does. 

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