Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby Brag Session

If I try really hard, I can vaguely remember a time in my early adulthood when hearing women brag and drone on about their children drove me absolutely insane. Vaguely. ;)

No, seriously. I remember wondering what was so special about a six month old splashing in the bathtub or a two year old singing a cute song.

{Note: The time this stands out the most, was during our engagement. So, naturally I was obsessed with nothing but wedding talk, and therefore probably drove all the mothers insane talking about nothing but my wedding plans}

But, now I have kids and I magically understand it. They are part of you, they become your entire world.

I do try, to be sensitive to those without children and make an effort to talk about other things, other aspects of life, other blessings. When my girlfriends that I get together with every month, we all make a conscious effort to talk about a spectrum of things, not just our adorable fledglings.

But I can see the attraction, I now understand that passion and desire to brag and brag and brag.

So, this is your warning, if hearing about my children isn't your cup of tea, or if your feeling all children-ed out tonight, well then, this post isn't for you. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon!

Owen really surprised me tonight. As we were driving home from daycare today he started talking to me really quietly. This is how our conversation went.

Owen: "Mom, I have something that I think I have to tell you."
Me: "Ok."
O: "One time, when I was using your computer, and sitting at the table."
Me: "I can't hear you bud, speak up"
O: "I was eating macaroni and cheese while using your computer. I'm not supposed to eat while on your computer but I was anyway."
Me: "When were you doing this?" I asked even though I thought I knew.
O: "When Linnea was watching me."
Me: "What do you think about the fact that you did that?"
O: "That I'm sorry."

I went on to tell him the reasoning behind the rule that he can't eat while on my computer. Have you ever tried to confess a mistake to someone? It's hard work. It's very hard to admit you did something wrong and know that it's possible you could get into trouble. But Owen did it, and I'm so proud of him. So glad that he's beginning to understand what it means to be responsible. Now if only that responsibility would transfer into better listening skills.

He has also been doing an amazing job, remembering the bible verses we have been trying to teach him, and in just a few weeks has memorized the first several books of the old testament.

He has been a good big brother lately too, aside from trying to hoard all of the toys, he makes sure that Micah doesn't eat anything with peanut butter or eggs (allergies) in it and alerts us immediately when "Danger Mom! Micah's ..." Love his protective instincts.

Micah's language is absolutely exploding. Usually when he's strapped into his big boy chair he just starts repeating "out" and "mom" but tonight he turned around after squirming for a few minutes and said "Mom let me out please."
That's like a legit sentence with parts of speech and everything.

I can't believe how much they are starting to look alike, and look up to their dad.

Ok, well it's bed time, so your spared anymore gushing.

Have a great night!

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