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31 Random Birthday Thoughts

It's been awhile since I've written something worthy of posting, my mind has been all kinds of everywhere the last few weeks. So today I thought I'd share a few random Birthday thoughts for you. Not sure how this will turn out but lets have some fun, shall we?

1. Now that I have children I realize Birthdays really would be impossible without momma's. I don't have a picture on my computer of me as a newborn in my mommy's arms, but I do have this picture of us at our wedding day and one of her holding her first grandchild.

2. My mother tells me that she was watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer when they wheeled her back to deliver me. 

3. The very same version my kids were watching when this picture was taken earlier this week. 

4. That's not a Christmas tree up in my living room before Dec 4th is it??? No, it couldn't be. Ehem.

5. My mother had a rule that we couldn't celebrate Christmas until after my Birthday, she was adamant about it. For as long as I can remember.

6.My sister once called me after we'd both moved out, making sure it would be ok if she decorated early!

7. The first time I broke this rule was the day Micah was born. I knew he was due on Thanksgiving and family was coming, so I thought my house would look cleaner with the tree up.

8. Deep cleaning, furniture rearranging, and setting up Christmas (while your husband watches the Ohio State game) is a really great way to induce labor. FYI.

9. Now that Micah is a November baby his birthday has now taken the Christmas rule. I'm really not that important anymore, but he is. So anytime after November 21st is fair game, preferably the day or two days after Thanksgiving.

10. N E Way back to my birth. I was apparently trouble. I didn't want to make things easy on my parents. Can we say emergency cesarean and asking the next of kin who they want the doctors to save???

11. Thanks be to the Lord that both my mother and I survived.

12. Though I can't say the same for the anesthesiologist who answered my mothers question of if I have all my fingers and toes with "I'm not at liberty to say." What kind of idiot would say that to a new mother?

13. I do, by the way. Have all ten fingers and all ten toes, and am otherwise completely perfect. ;)

14. When I was 14 years old, I was a completely different person than the woman I am today. I was SUPER shy, very timid, worried about a lot of stuff, and extremely responsible.

15. That's the year I broke my shoulder and couldn't play volleyball and started my period. Not sure why, but those two statements go together in my mind.

16. It's also about the time I got interested in Creative Writing, though my high school English teachers would probably be shocked into a coma to discover I majored in English in college :P

17. My mom knew how to throw a birthday party. I had this one where we had a fashion show. It was super fun, Mimi won and that made me sad, I wanted to win. But apparently I had to learn a lesson about letting others win.

18. I also had several fondue parties, in fact I think I chose fondue over Birthday cake a few times. Marshmallows and chocolate, who can resist?

19. I even had a Gorilla-Gram one year where a giant Gorilla came to my birthday party and gave me balloons and a hug. I'm glad I don't have that picture on my computer because I don't think anyone bothered to brush my hair back then. Ever.

20. By the time I was twenty, I already knew my husband, I just didn't know it yet.

Owen took this picture and said "Mom I took a picture of your wedding, want to see it?" 

21. Though I probably did, in my heart. Or rather I hoped it!

22. Micah doesn't say "Happy Birthday" he says "Birthday too you!" I like his way better.

23. My husband and the boys were in charge of making me a birthday cake.

This is the kind of cake you get when you have a two year old who starts eating it before it's even out of the pan. The happiest Birthday cake I've ever had :) 

24. OOOO Heres' a good one. A couple years ago I wanted to start the Birthday Cake to Jesus tradition in our home, but I really wanted a specific cake. Not a changing cake each year. I wanted one cake that we only ever made just for Jesus. I debated and went around in circles, what would be perfect. I looked at tons of recipes and finally put it in my husbands hands. He came home with a white cake and white frosting. "I figured we could do white because Jesus was perfect."

25. I thought he was BRILLIANT. I couldn't believe how easily he'd come up with that. I'd gone from "maybe something simple" because Jesus wouldn't have been materialistic to "maybe something extravagant" because He is our King and a king is worthy of something complicated, expensive and fabulous on his birthday.

26. So for a few years now I've been marveling at my husbands intuitive ability to come up with the perfect cake. Until last night he panicked because we didn't have a cake mix and he was like "I don't know how" so he went to the store and bought a cake mix and frosting.

27. A white cake mix and white frosting. "I didn't know what you'd like, so I just got Vanilla. Is that okay?"  Smile. I like white cake best, so I'm totally okay. But did anyone else see what I'd missed a few years ago? White is his go to cake mix, his safety net, and the "Jesus is white as snow" just happened to fit perfectly. :P

28. My cake is pink. Really really really pink. I spend my entire year taking care of three boys. I wrestle, spit, shout, jump, yell, shake my booty, and fart on demand. I make angry birds treats, confetti cakes, and zombi brains with spaghetti sauce. Green, blue, yellow, and red are the colors that predominately decorate the events of our lives. Today is MY birthday. TODAY I want pink. And so, they must make it for me :) I think that's fair.

29. I gave myself a haircut. I intended to trim my fringe and ended up with a chin length hair cut. Ooops. It isn't perfect, but I'm not rushing out to get it fixed either. Make no mistake I think my hair dresser is worth every penny I give her, however, for someone extremely budget wise it's extra hard to spend that extra money on my self on any kind of a regular basis, and in a month when the income vs expenses starts out in the red I chose to improvise. So, what do ya think?

30. My secret sister at church is pretty amazing. Not sure who she is, hence the secret, but she gave me a pretty rocking present last week. A sweater and shirt so totally me it makes me think she probably knows me well, or knows someone who knows me well, or is really really good at paying attention to details. I'm telling you, this outfit looks like it should have already been in my closet. The shirt didn't fit so I had to exchange it and the store was out, so I had to get a different shirt :((( but the replacement shirt is equally as beautiful so it's all good. I can't wait to wear it at church tomorrow. I'm assuming this was a birthday present and so if your reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

31. Well I did it folks. Somehow I made it to 31 thoughts {about} my 31st Birthday. There was a time where I couldn't see past being a teenager, and I truly believed the Lord would call me home at the age of 23. A time when I thought 30 was old and that by then everything would be figured out, life would be {quote unquote} perfect. But here I am, celebrating 31. Not sure I see myself as having everything figured out or my life as perfect, but with Christ at the center and standing next to the love of my life, watching two handsome, wild, rambunctious, loud, zombie eating, angry bird playing, blue and green loving boys, I'd say it's pretty close.

I hope I didn't bore you too badly, and perhaps you learned something new about me. Though it's all probably worthless information! lol.

Happy December 3rd.

Oh, if your still with me then you deserve this one last fun little tid bit. In college there was this guy that I met at freshman orientation who I thought was cute, we shared a birthday. That's how I met him, the birthday line thing, no talking and line up as close as possible. Anyway, from then on out, every time we passed each other in the halls I'd say "Hi December Third" and he would reciprocate then I'd get a hug. That was part of me breaking out of my "too shy to talk to boys" stage. He was cute, but he's no Brian.

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  1. I like your haircut! AND happy Birthday :) PS post a pic of your super cute outfit!


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