Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christian Artists


I've noticed throughout this month, as I've sought out to intentionally offer you praise each day for my blessings, a pattern of lifting up the things that you have given to me specifically. Almost everything I've thanked you for is something that you have given me ownership of, our home, children, husband, friends, etc. 

Today I wanted to find something different, something that I am blessed by, but do not own. Something that I appreciate, but take for granted. 

I found this difficult, but after much thought I settled on something I truly appreciate on a near daily basis, and probably haven't ever paused to truly thank you for. 

Christian Artists. 
Both Musicians and Authors.

 I know that they spend many years, and hours honing their crafts, praying to you about the best song, book, approach. Doing it because they love it, because they love you, and yet hoping that it will bless others. That someone somewhere will be touched. 

I am. 
Nearly everyday a song will lift my spirits or help me think more deeply on a conviction. Every few weeks a book or story will resonate in my heart and increase my faith. 

Thank you specifically for Karen Kingsbury, Mary Demuth, Chris Tomlin, and Steven Curtis Chapman. For the way you have used them, their talents, their careers, to better my walk with you, my praise and worship to you, and my understanding of you. 

The song that inspired this post: 

2 things. 1. I love this song, but hadn't seen the music video. Now I really love it. So funny. 2. I didn't even realize Stephen Curtis Chapman sang this!!!

The book I am excitedly looking forward to reading next (comes out Tuesday Yay!): 

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