Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Simple Little Things

Thank you today Lord, 

For the simple things in life that bring us joy.

Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

For the frilly girly things that make me smile.

The blessing of not just having clothes 
but cute clothes.

For makeup, wedding rings, sleek black boots, earnings, sweaters and scarves.

Source: via Teresa on Pinterest

Thank you for comforters, pillows, beds. 
Picture frames, flowers, and trinkets that decorate our homes. 

Thank you Lord for the ability to remember 
moments not caught on camera.

Source: Uploaded by user via mk on Pinterest

Smiles, laughter, comforting hugs, 
moments with mommy, 
and night time prayers whispered by a four year old

Source: via Hailey on Pinterest

Thank you for this day and each little thing
each seemingly small blessing 
that will make it so full and abundant
so special it's worth remembering

P.S. Thank you for Pinterest to store and share all of these beautiful images and things we have been blessed with.

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