Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Abba Father, 
Thank you so much for these rare moments of brotherly love. 
the times where I can see their hearts becoming friends. 

I praise you Lord for this blessing of having each other, that ones tears can be lifted by the others smile. That ones laughter is not alone but echo'd by his brother. 

I thank you for these moments that have been happening more often. For the quiet way they have started to play together, when the wrestling, fighting, and tattling has ceased. 

I praise you for the eyes they inherited from their daddy. 
When I look in their eyes I see the reflection of the man who reminded me to be calm, to be strong when I was delivering both of these healthy more than 8lb babies. I pray that one day, when they are both grown, they will say to their wives "look in my eyes, look in my eyes and breath" and when their wives do, they will see hearts that love You Father, and collect strength and peace that comes from You alone. 

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  1. So beautiful to gaze upon the boys and your words, dear daughter. - mom


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