Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ideas, Journals and Cheerleaders

Gracious Lord-Father God, 
Today I am grateful for the rich color of the idea journal 
I've had since my college graduation. 
I thank you for the ideas that it now contains, 
for the inspiration I feel just from having it near me 
and the encouragement and reminder that it is.

Lord, I thank you for this sweet inscription from my roommate,
 for the way You bring this and other written or verbal compliments 
and encouragements to me when I need them the most. 

I praise you for the cheerleaders in my life, 
friends, church family, and blog readers, 
whom You are using to push me to do more with my time 
and my talents. 

Thank you Lord for the gift of writing, love of writing, 
help me to continue being obedient in using it 
to bring glory and honor to you. 

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