Thursday, July 7, 2011


I have been hesitant to sign up for Twitter, I really didn't know a whole lot about it, but I figured my social time is tapped out on Facebook and I didn't really need another way to connect with my friends. Well I was wrong, so far anyway, Twitter has meant very little about connecting with my friends. In fact, last I checked the only follower I know personally is my sister. Love you!

I've now been on Twitter about a week, (see the nifty Twitter gadget I made on the right side of my blog?) and in that time I have found a grander world of blogging and writing than I had known existed. I'm excited about all of the "connections" I'm making in Twitter-land, I've found many eloquent Christian authors with a bounty of advice, and find myself encouraged and inspired to keep (or in some ways truly begin) pursuing my dream of writing.

That said, I'm keeping this one short so that I can run off and do a little brainstorming, praying, and hopefully some writing. I'm excited to see where the Lord takes me as I remain faithful in fulfilling this "task" on my "101 Things To Do In 1001 Days" list.

One last note, I found an amazing resource last night, that the Lord used as salve to my weary mommy heart and I pray it will bless some of you as well. The M.O.B Society is a Christian site for Mothers of Boy's. Their mission statement reaches deep into my heart "Reaching the hearts of boys for the Gospel & preparing a generation of men to love the Lord." If you've been around long, or know me personally then you have probably guessed that my strong willed 4 year old can cause me some strife, the knowledge that I'm not alone, and the comfort of having women praying with and for each other is a huge blessing in and of itself. I cannot wait to get to know the other mothers better, and grow as a mother to boys. If you have boys, or even want to begin praying now for the future husbands to your baby girls, I highly recommend this site.

Thank you so much for being here, I love all of you and feel so blessed to have you along side me, encouraging, praying, and laughing with me on this journey.

Love Always!


  1. Yayyy! I am on twitter too. Going to follow you now :)

  2. oh, boy. the twitter! I'll give ya a follow.

    great for you finding the MOBs. good group.



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