Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loveing -Family Edition

1. I'm loving that I haven't talked to my sister in over a week. Well....alright, I'm not gonna lie, I miss her like crazy! BUT I am loving that the reason we haven't talked is because she's off gallivanting around the world (ok, Mexico) with her husband.

I'm so happy for her! I can't imagine how hard it is to go 7 or 8 months without seeing each other, the least I can do is go 2 weeks without talking to her so she can enjoy every possible second with him. Can't wait for the hours of rehashing and gushing I'm sure to get when he leaves for the second (and shorter PTL) half of his deployment!

2. I'm loving this photo of my baby sister all grown up. I can't believe she's just over a week away from her high school graduation. So proud of her and excited to see how the Lord works in her life at Kent State University and beyond.

 This picture is so precious. I feel as though it is very full circle. I was twelve years older than her, so when she was 4 I was sixteen, and she was my girl. I would spend so much time loving on her, doing cool tricks with her etc. Now here she is 18 holding my 4 year old. Loving on him, making him feel like the coolest boy ever. Sniff.
3. I'm loving hearing my kids and my husband say goodbye to each other each morning. I love how he lingers around saying goodbye 5 or 6 times, waiting eagerly for Micah to respond with "bye daddy," and the laughter/joy that overflows when Micah does.

4. I'm loving the way Owen experiments with language often mixing up big words or intentionally saying a word wrong....but then when I say "O-Tay Owen" he indignantly replies "Don't say O-Tay mom, it's OK, ok?" O-tay sure Owen, whatever you say ;). I love hearing his little four year old voice say something that's almost profound.

Photo taken by Lia Giannotti Photography
5. I'm loving the way Micah brings me clothes while I'm doing laundry eagerly declaring "bah, bah, bah" and claps his hands smiling when I put the clothes in the washer "bah!" I went to correct him the other day, but stopped myself, how amazingly bright he is to realize when we put the clothes in the water they are, in essence, taking a bath.  He has also begun jabbering with as much enthusiasm and running towards the tub when it's time for his baths. A welcome change from the boy who only weeks ago refused to sit in the water and usually screamed if Owen splashed him.

Photo taken by Lia Giannotti Photography

6. I'm loving how hard my husband has been working to get into shape. It's motivating. It helps keep me in line and on track. Not loving the diet or exercise ;) but do love that feeling of strength returning to my body. I can even flex my abbs again...Can't see them yet, but I know they are there! I'm so proud of him too, in a week he's been able to increase the length he runs dramatically and he's already dropping the pounds.

Photo taken by Lia Giannotti Photography
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  1. Great blog.. enjoyed it!

  2. thank you so much for the sweet comment. My 2 year old has sky blue eyes and my littlest has dark blue, I love their eyes

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

    This was a great list of loves! Your kiddos are beautiful. I love your blog header!
    Good for you for focusing on being healthier! All the little choices add up :)

    new follower here!


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