Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You're off the team!

So last night was grocery night. If you are a Facebook friend then you know my boys had shredded cheese and raisins for breakfast and I had Oreo's (with milk) and Starbursts to sustain me throughout my work day.  Just before leaving to go shopping Brian discovered I'd taken the milk to work and he was flabbergasted. This could have been because um, I generally hate milk, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Owen overheard his dad and piped in.

Taken on 6/5/2010 by Jenna Rose Photography
"Mom, you took the family's milk to work?!?" He said it in his slow head bopping voice so it came out more like this "Mom, (head bop) you took (head bop head bop) the family's (head bop head bop) MILK to work? (head bop head shake)"

"Yesssssss" I said more like a question than a statement, afraid to admit to my four year old that I (gasp) took the milk.

"And you didn't bring it back?!?" To which I just shook my head.

"Why'd you do that? You silly goose!" In contrast to his first statement this one came out at super speed in a voice that said I'm cute, then quickly added "You're off the team!"

This was the first time he'd ever said something like that before.
Then within a minute or two (after I'd stopped laughing at the cuteness of it all) he said "Just kidding Mom, you can still be on the team" and he let me kiss his adorable smiling cheek.

He must have picked it up from daycare yesterday because I was "off the team" two more times as the night went on.

This morning on the way to daycare we were discussing his hurt finger and I told him when we got to Kristy's I wanted to put a new band-aid on it for him. Here is the rest of our conversation.

"Mom, why don't you just drop me off and let Kristy do it after you leave?"
 "I thought you'd want me to do it, since I know how much it hurts, and I'm your mom so I can be extra careful."
"No, it will hurt mom. I want Kristy to do it."
"But I'm your mom, I would like to do that for you." I often remind him several times that I'm his mother, just in case he doesn't know, or he forgets. ;)
"Well, mom. Did you know Kristy is part of our family too?"
"She is?"
"Yeah, because she watches us when you and daddy go to work, so she's part of our family."
"Oh, did Kristy tell you that or is that how you feel in your heart?" I ask, just in case he's being brainwashed ;)
"No, she didn't tell me that, it's just how I feel in my heart mom."

Taken 6/5/2010 by Jenna Rose Photography
Gush. He really is such a sweet little boy. We wont get into how hard it is for a working mom to hear those words, today I just want to enjoy the fact that my boy is a lover and welcome-er. I'm so proud of the little man he is becoming and his heart and desire to love others. Proud that he has room in his heart to accept and love other people, especially in this judgmental and self involved world.  I pray that does not fade as he grows. I pray that the Lord will nurture this little nugget of love as he gets older and turn it into a characteristic that can be used to later glorify God.

I pray that he'll grow up loving the Lord and desiring to do service for Him in whichever position the Lord would call him to and that he'll always desire to be on "God's Team!!!!!"


  1. lol, that was too cute. I love that you're finding the time to do this. It must feel very satisfying :)

  2. It does Lia, I imagine it feels a lot like you doing your photography. Life is just more...balanced when you make room for the things you love.


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