Monday, April 18, 2011

ahhhhhh now THAT's refreshing

In an effort to experiment with hosting a blog linky and get to know each of you better I thought I'd try something fun today.

I believe that God gives us little things He wants us to delight in daily, little moments that we can enjoy or miss. Today I got to thinking about those things and how they rejuvenate me a little. Especially when I verbally express the delight. Yes, I have been sitting here saying "ahhhhhh now that's refreshing" aloud to no one in particular. Try it, there is something oddly gratifing in it.

Here are 4 things that I find refreshing:

1. A sip of my Mommy Mocktail chilled with a few chunks of frozen pineapple. Ingredients: Cranberry juice, Sierra Mist, ice (or in this case pineapple ice) = delicious

Picture Source

ahhhhhh now that's refreshing!

2. Opening up an insurance statement to discover that we have already met our deductible for the year in April (and not because we've had an exceptional amount of expenses but because we finally have a realistic deductible).
Picture Source
 ahhhhhh now that's refreshing!

3. Realizing that underneath the fresh layer of snow tracing the tree branches are buds on the trees.

Taken with my out of date camera phone, but still it's proof....also refreshing to see the snow is gone :)

ahhhhhh now that's refreshing!
4.  Instead of hearing sob crying as I walked out of daycare this morning I heard Micah John laughing and blowing kisses.

ahhhhhh now that's refreshing!

Your turn! What makes you say "ahhhhhh now that's refreshing!" Pick four things that make you feel refreshed, that you just can't help but to utter a deep exhale of delight when you experience(d) them, write about it on your blog then come back here and link up. :)

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  1. Micah is GORGEOUS! Love those big blue eyes! :)


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