Wednesday, April 20, 2011 I'm Loving

Lori asked us to write a little bit about our loves and link them up to her site as both a practice and introduction to our Love Dare Series starting TUESDAY!!!! :))) (Pumped, can you tell?)

So my "What I'm Loving Wednesday" is my husband ;) I think it's obvious I love him every Wednesday so I don't go over kill in mentioning him, but today's post is all about him!

Oh how to describe my dearest husband (dh from here on out)? My first impression maybe? Ok, let's start there. My first impression of Brian was that he was forgetful. Beautiful (though the crushing rights had already been claimed by a friend), sarcastic, private, talented, and hungry. It brings a smile to my face just remembering those early days when we were just friends. When he locked himself out of his room a million times freshman year (having to fetch a key from Res Life where I work studied), would mooch food off of me several times a week, would draw detailed and amazing cartoon pictures on the dry erase board if I wasn't there when he stopped by, how I'd leave his pictures up for weeks and weeks until one of the jealous girls down the hall would come by and erase it.

Oh college! This was senior year when we were dating. Pictured with my Matron of Honor and dear friend Kylie
It's funny how you can think you know a person. For three years he had been the one guy who was there for me through thick and thin, gave me good night hugs, watched movies with me, drew pictures of my family, IM'd me all hours of day and night. However, I didn't really get to know him until after we started dating, after he opened up that private part of him, and let me in little by little. When we started discussing faith, Christ, and life. 

I love him because he is so much more than the handsome, sarcastic, private, talented, forgetful (!), and hungry man I met freshman year. He is a devoted believer and follower of Jesus Christ. He is the spiritual leader of our family. He is an ahhhhmazing father to our two little boys. He is generous. He is forgiving, easy going, easy to read.

I am proud of him for his hard work and devotion to our family. For allowing his faith to increase. For opening up to me and growing together in our relationship through our walk with Christ. For the heroic cancer butt kicking he did early on in our marriage.

I am so blessed to have him by my side, to walk through life with him. I love that we are still goofy, we can still laugh about almost anything, he still eats me out of house and home, I love that I've rubbed off on him (can we say sweet tooth? Exceptionally generous?) and he's rubbed off on me (um forgetful? Wait a minute, that's not an equal trade!?!), and that each phase of life is entered in prayer and exited with praise.

Today I'm linking up with Lori from Penelope Blue for the Love Dare Test, Lollipops for What I Love Wednesday, and This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday I hope that isn't breaking some kind of blogging law I'm unaware of!

I do hope you will check back in with Lori on Tuesday for the first of our joint Love Dare Blog Link Series and here on Friday April 29th for the second post and linky. I'm very excited about this and cannot wait to see what the Lord does through this amazing journey



  1. CUTE!!!!!!! You guys are a gorgeous couple :)

    Okay so the linky is fading in and out. One minute it's there, the next it's not. :( What the heck!?

  2. lol, it's funny, because I remember pretty much all of those memories too! I think the one I remember the most is him calling at midnight asking us to take him to Meijer because he needed a razor. Really?! A razor at midnight?

    But your mom's care packages were great because what she sent for me always ended up going to

    You two were always meant to be. I just still have a hard time picturing Brian out of those college days!

  3. Love this post!
    Great things you are loving today!

  4. what a fab tribute, I am participating in WILW too! hugs so nice to meet you! xo bonitarose


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