Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Weeks Notice

Alright everyone The Love Dare Blog Series details are here! 

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 --We are starting on Tuesday, April 26th over at Penelope Blue

--The linky will go back and forth between our two blogs every Tuesday and Friday. This is so that the dare doesn't last FORTY weeks!

--If this sounds confusing, I promise it's not. Dare 1 will be on Lori's blog (Tuesday), dare 2 will be on my blog (Friday), etc, etc.

--We are still looking for lots and lots of guest posters. If you want to participate and guest post, please shoot me an email at TeresaThomas139 @

--That means you have just under 2 weeks to get ready. This may take on different forms for different people, perhaps it means preparing your heart, buying the book (also available in digital form, and as an iPhone app), or seriously praying. I look forward to reading your link ups and discovering new biblical truths and practical ways to improve as a loving wife.

--To quote Owen "On your marks, get set! ..."


  1. I'm putting my best foot forward! I don't have the book, nor will I have time to read it by the 26th, but I'm going to pray hard and do the best I can :) I'm open to this challenge - for my own personal growth, as well as, growth in my marriage. Can't wait!


Thank you for your comments and love!