Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to Make a Categorized Blog Roll

The more I blog, the more I love it. Everything about it. I love reading what other bloggers contribute, both the deep intricate heart wrenching posts and the fun feel good quips. I was so excited a few months back when I found this tutorial from Clover Lane on how to make a banner with pictures.

This was my first Banner I created using her tutorial!
I'm tempted to make another one, but only for enjoyment, I honestly can't imagine a better header right now. At least not until the we get some new summer pictures. Yes, I love exploring this new world I've discovered and figuring out ways to improve the look and feel of my blog.

That is what I have been doing the last two days. I haven't made any major changes, but I am pleased with the way a few minor tweaks have impacted the overall feel. In addition to changing a few fonts and text colors, I moved my About Me information to it's own page where I also added our love story. I finally figured out how to put an Email Subscription option on my page, and moved both that and the Google Friend Follower to the upper right side for better visibility. However, the change I am most excited about is my new and improved, categorized blog roll!

I had long since noticed other bloggers who had labeled the blogs they followed. I especially love the way Lyndsie did this over at A Love Worth Waiting For categorizing the different blogs she follows as Adoption Blogs I love, Blog Love, and Praying For... I love this! I wanted to do this on my page too but could not figure out how!

Finally yesterday I did a little research. While I didn't find anything that specifically walked me through it, I did discover you CAN use a gadget multiple times. Even still it took talking the process out with my sister Claire from Grimm Adventures before I was finally able to make sense of how it would work. Because I feel like it adds such a polishing touch to a blog I want to share the process here, in case other newer or exploring bloggers are interested.

1. Go into your design elements page and select Add A Gadget
2. Select Blog List
3. Name the List for your category (Example: Christian Bloggers)
4. Add sites to the list using the Select from Blogs I'm Following option
5. Only select the blogs that fall under the category
6. Save the gadget and move the object to your desired location
7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each category you would like to display

Now wasn't that easy? Thank you Claire for helping me make sense of the process. I hope you will all glance at the right side of my blog and check out the updated list of blogs I follow.

I want to draw special attention to Chasing Zebra's featured in the Precious Prayers blog roll. I happen to have a few friends who are related to this little girl. Until now I've only received sporadic prayer updates, but now that they have a blog (and I've seen pictures of this sweet baby princess) my prayer efforts have intensified.

Isn't this picture just absolutely adorable?And heart breaking?

It's strange how connected we are in this world? How strangers upon strangers can layer up on top of one another and come together in a prayerful union to pray for or encourage one another.

I love that! How God can even use our technology to link believers together in prayer, unite with others who have similar experiences, and a way to instantly share their miracles with literally thousands of readers (perhaps a few who need reminders of the Lord's unfailing love?)

Oh, I do love this new world I've entered. I'm not sure what took me so long to hop on the band wagon, with my natural love for writing and reading, I truly am shocked I didn't see the value in blogging years ago.

One last item of Blog Fun, I found this great new site today which is basically a blog catalogue FOR CHRISITANS {{{Can I get a Whoop Whoop?}}} They carefully review each blogger who requests to be listed to be sure that they represent Christian values, have well put together, frequently updated, and well written blogs. Head on over to Faith Blogs and Enjoy!

EDITED: I would also like to add a GIANT THANK YOU to my amazing, talented, generous, graphic designer husband for taking the time to figure out how to fancify my signature! Love it! Love you!


  1. Love this! Found some of our guest posters from Faith blogs :)

  2. I wondered! That's awesome. I can't wait to spend more time exploring them!

    :) I'm mentally preparing another Love Dare teaser for tomorrow...But now I must go to bed!

  3. FAITH Blogs!!!! that makes so much more sense!!! On the phone I kept hearing FaceBlog... like facebook only not.... That's why I was confused if they were Christians... HAHAHA!

  4. Apparently I need to work on my enunciation! In that same conversation you thought I called my "budding blog" was a "wedding blog" :)


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