Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Favorites! (Shopping)

So I know I already posted today but this looked quick, easy and fun and I need to be de-stressed so I thought I'd link up with Lyndsie at A Love Worth Waiting For for Friday Favorites (Shopping!)

I have a super hard time spending money on myself (especially when I've been given permission to!) so I often end up buying cheap cheap cheap but if money wasn't an issue my wardrobe would almost entirely consist of

 Wouldn't this look adorable on me? (Picture Source)

Picture Source: I have no idea if this is current! But I love the clothes! I especially love their pants because I have long legs, and their jeans are so comfortable and wear (hold up) well.
I've recently decided I will NOT buy cheap unmentionables anymore. We are both happier when I feel pretty ;) So Vickie's it is :) (Picture Source) 
Who doesn't love Target? I mean for really! 
And no renter could honestly deny lurking this site regularly! (Picture Source)
Hmmm, ok well it seems to have taken me a long time to find logo's and pics for my list and I can't think of any other stores off the top of my head so I guess I'm finished. I must admit just thinking about shopping reduced my stress and frustration dramatically.

Have a beautiful night all!

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  1. NY&C and Victoria's Secret are my top two favorties!!!


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