Monday, April 11, 2011

Blessed Beneath the Mess...And videos of the boys

I've been meaning to post some videos of the kiddos for a while, but I usually blog from my laptop and my husband usually dumps all of my videos on the desktop. You see my conundrum? I'll try not to post too many, and keep them short but I can't edit them in FLIP because Brian dumped them into a folder so they'll have to be "as is" meaning forgive any random talking before or after the cuteness of my kiddos!

Snot, eggs and breakfast

The video of Owen wont work for some reason.... So I guess it's just the two for now. I wanted to upload more, but apparently when I video tape I move the camera A LOT because most of the videos made me nauseous, even though they smile cute, I'll safe you the torture of getting sea sick! I'm still feeling queasy from watching them. Blech.

Things I'm loving about my boys today: 
Owen is so proud of his new "car seat" really it's a booster seat, but he got it on Friday and he still say's "Mommy, look I'm in my new car seat!" every time we get in the car. I can't believe how big he is getting. He looks so much older in a booster than in the car seat. :) :( Both happy and sad!

Micah loves the feeling of a warm wind in his face. He does this Micah-esque squint-smile when it hits his face. It is so adorable, and so completely represents the warmth that spreads throughout your whole body when it's nice outside.

I love that the last two mornings Owen has planted himself at his picnic table to color a card for Brownie while I'm getting up and getting ready instead of his usual "video" (computer) games.

Micah's new obsession with kisses, blowing kisses, fish kisses, and the full on open mouth kisses. : o

During the bedtime routine, they both want to be last. The last one kissed, hugged, prayed for, tucked in, kissed again. It goes on and on. "Mee, Mee (smooch smooch smooch)" "Mommy give me sugars!" "Mee, Mee (smooch smooch smooch)" "Mommy give me sugars!" Love it!

My floor is littered with toys, dirty clothes, diapers (I'll let you decide if they are clean or dirty), and cereal. Every dish we own is awaiting a hot sponge bath, the bathroom smells like a urinal, our clean clothes are in a shuffled through pile on the floor and our cupboards are bare, but I am richly blessed. I  had hoped to tackle these things while home with a sick Micah John Boy but alas he seems to need his moms chest in order to feel peaceful enough to sleep. So I sit here, stuck with my blessing, typing one handed, praying for my boy, loving my family and finding beauty in the mess. Too blessed to be stressed.

Ephesians 3:20-21

These verses remind me to see my blessings beneath our messes. A living room without toys would also be without kids (not even an equal trade!), a bathroom that doesn't stink would mean O was still in diapers (I shudder to think!), to have a sparkling clean kitchen (all the time) would be wishing away my husband (alright, I know I'm not kidding anyone! It would be wishing us both away! lol).

What "messes" could you look at differently today?


  1. What a terrific post! I must remember this. Your boys are amazingly gorgeous :)

  2. I enjoyed this post immensely! And yeah.. what the boys will remember is the "time with mom and dad"... A day will open up for the CLEANING someday. (smile)

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  4. Oh my goodness! You helped remind me that I am blessed. It is often times way easier to see the mess and not to see the blessings. Thank you for the reminder! I love how you write, this post was great!

  5. What a cute blog. Your boys are so sweet and I love you say that "You are blesse", despite the dirty diapers everywhere and the bathroom smelling like a urinal. I will need to remember that next time I complain to my husband that our house stinks like "dirty kids" and the dishes are piled up!!!

  6. Tia, I just love you! (and I am really looking forward to reading the next installment of Fiction Fridays! :D )


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