Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prayers and Praises

Today I keep thinking about things to pray for and then scolding myself. How blessed I am, at this time in my life, to have concerns which are so minuscule others probably couldn't even comprehend them. It is forcing me to dig deeper, to stir up that pot of water and turn up the heat.

My petty prayers: That the right house will come on the market, for my boys to be healthy enough for daycare all week, for Brian's test results, for us to see continued savings success and reach our goals, for my meeting on Friday to go smoothly, for answers an guidance on the direction of our family.

Digging Deep:

  • For my dear girl Linnea and her family as her dad battles cancer. That he will be strengthened by the bone marrow transplant happening soon, and that they can continue to find reasons to smile, laugh and celebrate Jesus even during this most difficult trial. There are so many needs and prayers to lift up, but it's hard to find the words. Lord I pray you can "hear" the depths of my love for this family and this trial and that the Holy Spirit can turn those sentiments into the most beautiful of prayers.
  • For my friend Tori who is IN LABOR :) May everything go smoothly, may her baby be healthy and strong. Praying Tori will heal quickly and feel the Lords arms around her as she welcomes number two. 
  • For my friends Felicia and Mallory who are also pregnant. For Felicia as she potentially goes into labor any moment and Mallory within the next two weeks. May they both be granted patience, strength and peace as they await their third babies. 
  • For the family whose little 4 year old autistic boy drowned on Sunday. For friends to surround them with arms of strength and silent compassion as they spill tear after tear. May peace that passes understanding fill their home and hearts as they struggle to understand.
  • For the family of Baby Jaxton that they continue to heal and lean on Christ.
  • For all of the stories in the news that sadden me and cause me fear. That my fear will be taken away and my unbelief will be replaced with faith and courage. That I use these stories as fuel in my heart to continue running the race, encouraging and praying for my children to find Jesus and make the choice to live for Him. For in Him I rest in the comfort and security of Eternity. 
  • For the 4 little boys of my BabyFit Mommy Friends as they undergo a series of tests for similar symptoms (even from their various different parts of the country). I pray their parents will find rest, their doctors will be filled with knowledge and that these complications will in fact prove to be minor.
  • I pray Lord for a friend going through an exceptionally hard time right now. Lord I ask you give her guidance, comfort and peace. Please show her your direction and remind her of your unfailing love. 
  • For each of "my girls" that they will continue to lean on You, and seek You no matter what struggles or life issues they face today Lord. May they always know Your love. 
  • For the ones I love whom have not yet met You. That their hearts will be softened and their eyes opened, that I may be open and willing to be used in any way necessary to reach them for You.
  • As always Lord I pray for my husband Lord that you continue to lead him and direct him as the spiritual leader of our home. Thank you for the man that he is, his heart for you, and his beautiful eyes that show me his love daily. 
  • For my boys, for their continued health, for their life that they will both live for you, for their love that they will guard their hearts for the women they will one day marry. Lord I pray they will be lights for you.

And because I do love being Grateful on Tuesdays: Lord the sun makes me smile, may it's heat be reunited with us soon. Thank you for a job with flexibility. Thank you Lord for my friends and the life you've allowed us to build here. Thank you Lord for a season of peace and a time to reconnect our family and focus on you.
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What can I join you in prayer and praise for today? Leave your requests below in the comments, or come on over to A Love Worth Waiting For and link up to her post. 


  1. Thank You for sharing your prayer request! I just love your heart.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  2. Wow, thank you so much Lyndsie. It's funny you should say that because I just love yours.

    When I found your blog a month back I told my husband that I plan to follow you and pray faithfully until the Lord brings you and Daniel your child...and beyond. I cannot wait to see how abundantly you are blessed.

  3. Praying for you, your family and your prayer list.

    God's love spread all around the world!


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