Thursday, March 24, 2011

House Fever

I love reading Proverbs because you can almost always find a verse that is relevant to your circumstances, hearts desires, trials, or weariness. Here is a verse that has been speaking to me this week.

Proverbs 24:3-4
By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge it's rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. 

We are at the height of a "House Fever" like almost none we have ever had. Both of us are feeling heat and desire to be in our own home. I'm loving the idea of having a place to decorate and make our own, while my husband is feeling like school is quickly approaching for one Owen Paul and that we need to figure out where we want him in school and find a home in that district. These verses remind us to seek wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, not just in this our current dream, but in all desires and the Lord will provide. It says "a house is built" and "filled with rare and beautiful treasures".

I believe the Lord is preparing a home for us, and us for a home. I am believing for these desires to be fulfilled within the next several months and at this point I'm so anxious I cannot contain  eagerness and could spend hours dreaming about the place. 

When I close my eyes... I see a "clean" (germ, mold, dander free) home, with an open living room, dinning room. 

I see bedrooms for the boys and a spare room for overnight guests or a long term "home" to bless someone in transition, as I was blessed after college.

I hear laughter floating in from open windows as my children play safely in the back yard. 

I can see light from the windows dancing on our kitchen table as the kids work on art projects or school work. 

I can smell dinner cooking in the kitchen.

Again there is laughter as dad wrestles with the boys in the front room, or I give "Sugars" and "Snacks" (lip smacks in the neck/chin line). 

I see rooms that have bright colors on the walls, carpeting that is plush and soft, curtains the flit in the breeze, toys that litter the floors, a new collection of colored glass vases/objects on top of my kitchen cabinets, pictures hanging on the walls. 

I'm excited about the prayer I will write on a wall, maybe in the entrance hall, or in each of the bedrooms, praying for the Lords blessing on us while we are there, that He shall protect us from harm, that He shall bless us with good health and good fortune, that we will be attuned to His calling and urging in our lives and fulfilling His purposes while we are there.

I feel at peace, blessed by a home that does more than meet our needs but gives us the ability to bless others.

And as each memory is created, each moment is enjoyed, I see it "collecting" in our home as rare and beautiful treasures.  
I thought of this song by Toby Mac while I was writing my post. Unfortuneately I couldn't find an "official video" of it, so this is just a clip from some concert, but you can hear the chorus pretty well!


  1. just came across your blog...enjoyed it so much...blessings to you and your family!

  2. As a woman who had house fever for a WHILE before God gave us our first home - a miracle in itself! - I can tell you to practice contentment now! :o) Yes, the space is small in your apartment, and you feel cramped and cluttered, but it has its own blessings: YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THE MAINTENANCE! :D ; the bigger the place, the bigger the cleaning job! Neighbors are much more permanent (as in, if there's a "bad" one); heating a bigger place costs MORE... ok, so I'm spending a lot of time trying to think up more reasons now, haha... But seriously, discontentment will exist in your heart, no matter your life's situation if it's there now. Not to be a bummer, but it's true!! Aside from that, I am PRAYING for God to bless you with your very own home sooooooon!! Please and YES LORD!! :D

    My favorite part so far has been dreaming up gardens... Our tiny yard is basically a blank slate, and I've been moving the volunteer tulips that have decided to grow sporadically around the yard all into a clump. Next year, I will have quite the cute clump of tulips! :D

    I often catch myself in the (rare) quiet moments of my life, sitting and just being in my home, thankful. *sigh* Praise the Lord!!!!! Love you, Tia!!!!!

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