Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Few Favorites

Favorite Time of Day: Early Evening

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Month: March :)

Favorite Holiday: Easter or Thanksgiving

Favorite Color: Blue 
but loving sage green right now too

and pale yellow
Loving this house that I found in an online search for our future home. It is beautiful (online), right size, right price, right colors. Problem is someone else thought so too. But finding it has proven to me it's possible to find what we want with what we can afford, and so I consider these pictures a promise from the Lord to bless us with the right house at the right time. 

Favorite Movie: I love Return to me, 

Other favorites are Free Willy (One and Two), Miracle on 34th St (With Dylan McDermott), and Fireproof
After watching the trailer, I've fallen in love all over again ;)

Favorite Celebrity: Karen Kingsbury (not really a "celebrity" but she is a famous Christian author) I respect her, admire her love for Christ and her willingness to pray for/with and touch the lives of her readers! It helps that she's my "friend" on FB and her staff wished me a happy Birthday :) lol.

Favorite Place to Shop: Khols and Target!

Favorite Kind of Music: Christian, and some country mixed in

Favorite TV Show: No Ordinary Family, Castle, NCIS LA, The Defenders

Favorite Thing to Do: I love weeks like this one, where Christ has complete control over my heart and attitude, where I remember how blessed I am and stop. to. enjoy. it. I love enjoying the laughter of my family in the simple moments. Micah with a trash can on his head, Owen laughing at his brother, Brian tickling and throwing them both around.

Favorite Place in the World: For over 25 years it's been Stevensville, but this year our family has many other mini vacations in store that will allow us to explore new places! Up first, Atlanta GA when my hubby and I run away together for four days to attend a friends wedding :)))) Then Kalahari in Sandusky OH for SIL's wedding, Pennsylvania for Egan's 11, Marion IN for my "cousin's" wedding, with a summer oncore of a Phil Egan family gathering some where yet to be determined. Should be an amazing summer with some great new discoveries, but I'll always love the beaches at the Chalets, and the memories of swimming, swinging, fighting, laughing, and EATING with my cousins year after year. 

Favorite Hobby: Blogging! A new hobby that I love because of the opportunity it is giving me to explore my writing.

Favorite Kind of Animal: ....Not sure I currently have one.

Favorite Place to Live: I don't think it's about where I live, but who I'm living with! I still miss my family deeply, but have realized that we have made a home for ourselves here, I don't know what I'd do without our "church family"!

Favorite Place to Vacation: See Favorite Place answer :)

Favorite Restaurant: I don't think I currently have one...

Favorite Thing to Cook: I'm enjoying the process of making things my family loves, from scratch instead of from a box. Tart Flats (AKA Pop Tarts), Mac and Cheese have been two huge successes.

Favorite Drink: Mommy Mocktail ~ Evolved from the kiddie cocktail my Grandpa Egan used to make us on vacation. The kiddie cocktail was Ojunks, sprite and as many cherries as you could weasel out of him, with a splash of cherry juice :) The evolved version I make at home is Cranberry Juice and Sprite. I sure do miss my cherries though, and my grandpa!

Favorite Chore: oxymoron

Favorite Makeup: Whatever I can find on sale

Favorite Hair Products: Whatever I can find on sale

Favorite Lotion: Again, not picky.

Favorite Perfume: My MIL-Karen bought me some Abercrombie 8 a few years back, I don't use it enough, but I do really like it.

Favorite Blogger: I love a new one each week, this week is A Love Worth Waiting For, about their journey towards adoption. I've been praying for them and hope to continue reading and seeing all of their dreams come true. 

Favorite Thing to Blog About: My family, my faith, and creative writing :)

Favorite Books: My Bible ...I don't currently have a favorite! This must be remedied...Any suggestions??

Favorite Verse: Instead of labeling something a "Favorite" verse I usually give it a name, how do you pick a favorite out of millions of perfects? So here is a quick'll have to look them up yourselves as it's getting really late.

Psalms 139 - My Pregnancy Psalm, aka my EVERYthing Psalm
 Psalm 139:17-18 My Blog Verses and Purpose 
Psalm 119: Lawana's Cancer Psalm

"Be still, and know that I am God...." Psalm 46:10 SIT STILL VERSE

Psalm 101 Starting Over Psalm, or Christianity 101
Philippians 4:4-9 Rejoice through Cancer Verses

Favorite Thing to Wear: PJ's

Favorite Husband: Brian Paul Thomas
Favorite Memory: Our Wedding Day!! It was the best day of my life!! Saint Patty's Day 2007 Owen's BIRTH-day. November 21st 2009 Micah's BIRTH-day. 

Happy Sunday!!

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