Monday, November 14, 2011

Gratitude for Communication With My Father

Abba Father,
Today I just want to pause and thank you for the privilege of prayer. 
For giving us the ability to reach out and communicate with you directly. 
To ask for your spirit to intercede on behalf of 
friends, family, and strangers going through difficult times, 
needing extra grace, strength, or wisdom. 

God, I praise you for listening to our concerns, needs, and desires.
For hearing our cries, for ourselves and those nearest to us. 
I don't pause to appreciate how precious it is that you allow us, unworthy as we are, to reach out to you this way as often as I should. 
Thank you, that prayer and communication with you 
can be as natural and easy as breathing, 
that there isn't a bunch of hoopla or ceremonial rituals we need to do first, we can simply breath and speak or think the things on our hearts and burdening our minds. 

Father I praise you for the opportunity to pray for 
two struggling marriages, 
the complications of morning sickness, 
a special request for wisdom, 
new pregnancies, 
future pregnancies for 2 friends,
and a mothers broken heart. 

Father, I thank you in advance for the miracles you are already weaving, 
for the answers you will give to these prayers, 
whether they are the answers we expect or not. 
Lord I praise you for the opportunity to be a part of the good 
you will work in these situations, 
and bringing peace of mind to my friends,
by allowing them to rest when they do not know what to pray, 
knowing that a friend is interceding on their behalf. 

Note to readers: Sorry there isn't a picture for this one. 1. it's just so personal and raw, and 2. hopefully I find my camera cord again soon ;) 

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