Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gifts with Conditions

I want to thank you for caring about each of our needs, meeting them, and then caring about and meeting our greatest desires as well. These  Specifically today, I thank you for my date with my husband last night.

For the church class on staying in love that our pastor is teaching, and for our pastors heart for couples, for couples to spend quality time together, investing in their relationships, and for the gift the church gave each couple committed in this class. A gift card to help with the expenses of a date, to encourage us to get out of our town and our routines, to try someplace new and connect with each other.

I thank you for the condition that came with the gift card that it had to be used this week, what a great way to get us off of our rears, to force us to spend, sacrifice, both time and money to get away together for an evening. To laugh and relax in each others company. I especially thank you, that this gift came this week, when we were feeling overwhelmed with life.

Sometimes, it's in these moments, where I'm remembering the above and beyonds, that remind me the most of your goodness and ability and desire to take care of the important stuff as well. That remind me to put all of my cares and concerns in your hands, to trust you and rest in your gentleness.

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