Friday, November 11, 2011

Brownie and Baby

Father God, 
Thank you for these two seemingly small items, that my kiddo's cherish. 
For the safety and security my boys feel when holding, hugging, or sleeping with them. 

I praise you first for Brownie and my Mother-in-law Beth for giving him to Owen at his second Christmas. Since then Brownie has been through everything, and everywhere (overnight) with Owen. If Brownie is injured or lost we pray for him, and it's amazing to see Owen's faith growing every so slowly through Your faithfulness and answered prayers. The light in his eyes when Brownie is found right after a prayer is raw and true childlike faith. 

Thank you in turn for Baby. A blanket given to us when Micah John was born by my other Mother-in-law Karen. From the time he was really young we loved this blanket and would send it with him to daycare daily or tuck him in with it nightly. But one day that love transferred from us to him. The love for this blanket became Micah's alone. He began calling it Baby, and asks for it every night. He hugs it and holds it, not like a blanket but like a stuffed animal. 

Thank you Lord, for these small comforts that they have been given, and the many ways we can use them to teach about your love, comfort, strength and answered prayers. 

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