Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Hello friends. Work is chaos right now, and I really shouldn't even write this post, but my head is full of garbage today and I need an outlet to get my mind cleared out and get refocused. So, when I read Ez x5's post today, I thought it might be fun to do the same. To keep things simple, I am limiting myself to in some way write about each of the 10 topics she chose.

1. I wear deodorant like a normal person does, and I occasionally forget it (like a normal person right?) so I keep some in my glove compartment just in case. Only my car is now my husbands car, so my back up deodorant is now in his car and did me no good on Friday when I forgot to put some on, so I borrowed a friends. She was very kind.

2. It drives me crazy when people talk about their pets like they are children. A dog is a dog. It's not a child. It's a dog, or a cat, or a rabit, or a fish. This is especially true with dogs, but not so much with ferrets. Rest in Peace Bite-ina McFerret Welling or whatever your name was, I know you were well loved.

3. If I realize the expiration date is past then I throw it away, otherwise I don't think twice about it unless I see mold, then it's gone. Even cheese. I know my grandpa used to cut around mold and keep the rest or my dad will use the rest of a loaf of bread even if the crust piece is moldy, but not me. But remember that deodorant I mentioned in number one? Yeah, I've had a new car for a year now but only just realized that deodorant should probably be replaced when I was writing this!

4. If I could have ANY job in the WHOLE world AND be successful at it???? Ez's answer was pretty good, but I think I'd go being an inspirational speaker at women's conferences. I'm not great at public speaking though, but if I could harness some of that energy I had when I gave my senior presentation in college, and combine that with my passion and love for writing, yeah that would be pretty great. I think I feel this way because evolving my blog and becoming a writer is very much my hearts desire right now.

5. I clean my ears about twice a year. I just forget about it. Out of sight, out of mind at it's best I guess. My children are lucky if I do it that often. I don't trim their nails either. I can't do it. Even Owen being four now, I still can't trim his nails I worry too much that I'm going to hurt my baby. I have about two, maybe three nail fairies who do it for them, and I honestly don't really know who they are, and rarely ever notice if it's been done or not. Thank you nail fairies!!!

6. I don't watch the shows she mentioned, just never got into them and now the story lines are developed I'm just not interested in that much sex and scandal. I still wish they hadn't cancelled: Second Noah, Malibu Heights (I think?), Family of Five, Gilmore Girls, Everwood, and Ace of Cakes.

7. Maybe it's because I don't have girls but I really don't have an issue with my kids being whiny about injuries. My kids fall down, and either say "AWESOME!" or cry and run towards me like they want a kiss but before they get there they see a toy and forget why they were crying in the first place. If they are still crying when they get to me I know they were hurt, and if their bleeding, they get a band-aid and I keep them in the kitchen.  In the summer we use a lot of band-aids. But usually it's "That was AWEsome I'm going to do it again!"

8. I like cooking. If it wasn't for being so tired after work, ingredients costing so much money, and the dishes needing to be washed afterwards, I'd cook a real dinner everyday for my family. I love making something really good that my family will love. It's the everyday cooking I don't like, the mundane a meal to have a meal cooking and then the cleaning that I dread. If I had the time to create something good in the kitchen. I would do it more often.

9. My refrigerator looks like a bomb went off at all times, it just isn't organized. And I don't know how but it must be a crumb magnet because there are always crumbs in it I'm whisking away. When I was young I would put empty juice containers back in the fridge. I still do this, only now it's less of an accident and more of a habit. I will also leave left overs in the fridge even if I know we wont eat them, just so I don't have to clean them out yet. I'll leave them there till I'm ready to wash the dish, in that moment.

10.  Owen was named at 9 weeks, Micah at 22 or 23 weeks (Brian wouldn't let me look at names until we knew it was a boy because he wasn't going to "waste time" picking out girl names when we weren't having a girl. I hated that he was right!) Both names have Christian or Godly meanings but we weren't tied to having to have a biblical name. Some website told us Owen meant "Gracious gift from God" and that's exactly what he was. Micah means "Who can be like God?" which my husband loved. Their middle names are Paul and John respectively named after their dad and grandpa's middle names.

Kind of a crazy list of facts about me but it was fun. If you haven't yet, head on over to see how Ez x's 5 feels about these topics! Now off to get this book of reports cranked out!

Have a blessed week people!

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