Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Little Housekeeping

As I'm sure you know by now I've been examining, in depth, my purpose, passion, and direction for blogging. As I figure out what I want this space to be and make my writing fit that purpose more succinctly I am also working with Brian to make my page more aesthetically appealing and to come up with one distinct look that will not change. In the meantime I'd redesigned my blog again, looking for something simpler. Hopefully Brian will be able to read my mind this weekend and come up with something perfect for you all.

In the mean time, I have had a million complaints from people about the commenting system on blogger. As a result, I have added a different program to make commenting easier. Hopefully the problem of comments not posting will be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, doing this made all 220 of the previous comments invisible. I can still see them in the back end, but my page needs a little comment love {{wink wink} {hint hint}}.

Also, in my most recent Purpose Driven Blog post, I had intended to ask all of you to let me know what your all time favorite blog posts are, but something got all screwy with the text and it didn't come out right. So, to get a little commenting practice in, would you mind telling me what your favorite past posts and/or subject matters are? What is that thing that draws you into my site/writing? What brings you back day after day? 

Blogger friends, have you noticed trouble with the Google Friend Connect not working properly lately? Any clues on how to fix it? Or, does anyone know, if I took that off of my site, would those who used it to follow me loose the connection or would I still be able to see my followers on my interface?

So as not to leave you empty handed today, here is a fun music video, beautiful song, I've recently fallen in love with. Don't get me wrong, it is just a lyric video, but as far as lyric videos go, this one actually keeps me entertained, and the words are very powerful.

Love all of you, my readers, my friends.

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