Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Kitchen Makeover

When we first moved in we had 3 priority rooms that needed to be updated to make the home our own. The kitchen, master bedroom, and kids room. Remarkably the three were done and the house was move in ready within 4 days, thanks to the amazing help of my Mother In Law Karen who came out for the week to help, and others who popped in to help with moving, cleaning, and painting when they could. Oddly enough the bathroom was not on that list, and yet it was the first project I featured on here, funny how life works sometimes. So, I thought it high time to start showing you some of the other rooms in our house.

Today we will focus on the kitchen. Even before we removed the wallpaper I loved this space, the kitchen is spacious with tons of cabinet and pantry space. I still can't figure out what to put in our Lazy Suzan's or two other cupboards!!!!

 Replacing the red sink is on my hubby's to do list, I wasn't really worried about it to be honest, but he would like it to be updated. Because of this, I didn't want to pick the color of the kitchen to necessarily coordinate with the sink (like I did the bathroom).

This is what the wall looked like after removing the wallpaper and trying our three color samples on it. Originally I'd been leaning towards the brown or green, that first color (blue gray) had been purchased for our bedroom. Somehow though, neither of them seemed to work right in the space.

As you can see the cupboards are very dark so it was hard for me to pick a color that would help them stand out, but also wouldn't swallow up the space too much.

My dad took daycare duty for the weekend like a champ. You can see the kitchen behind him, look at those big bags of wallpaper scraps!

Alright, this is the last picture of the kitchen before, don't you just love that window? I love that window. It brightens the space up so much, and weird as it might seem, I feel like I'm in a movie when I stand in front of it washing dishes or cooking for my family.

Are you ready to see the space transformed? Well, here it is ...

See my nice bottle collection starting up there?

Fighting from opposite sides of the room!

Dinning table
I love love love the arches, love love love.

We had to put a stop to this because toys were being hidden behind there, and because O isn't exactly a light weight, but it really was O'h so cute while it lasted :)
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  1. Tia! your home is amazing PRAISE THE LOOOOOOOORD!!!! WHOA!!! Way to be on top of all the improvements! I am so blown away by His Favor on you guys! Ahmazing! :D


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