Thursday, August 25, 2011

When The Cats Away, The Mouse Will Play

My husband is leaving tonight after work to go on a men's retreat with the guy's from our church. He looks forward to this event all year long, he absolutely loves it. I think it's because he gets to go fishing and kayaking. I love that he gets to get away and have this spiritual escape with other guys and bond over water-drowning fights, male bonding in it's truest form.

However, that means I get to stay at home with two kids, by myself. Maybe I'm just a big brat but I hate it when my husband isn't around. I love our family element. I love the family bonding that happens on weekends, having a supportive husband and father to watch the kids while I take a relaxing shower, or siting and watch tv or surf the internet together, even if we aren't saying anything, after the kids have gone to bed. This week, in particular has been very stressful for me. For whatever reason I've been an emotional wreck. Nothing has been wrong, per say, but everything makes me cry.

So, last night when I realized I'd be having to take today off of work in order to stay home with a contagious child, I decided I'd do a little something theraputic while he is gone.

I decided to redo our bathroom. And he has no idea.

Redo your bathroom? With two kids, and no help? Are you completely insane?

Must be, but I'm stoked and can't wait to see it transform from a 70 year old's bathroom into a 30 year old's "in home spa" :) This bathroom redo has given me some fire, purpose and excitement for a weekend that otherwise felt drab and boring.

I'm not doing a complete remodel, just a paint job, which means removing some ugly wallpaper.

Here are a few blury pictures curtosey of my cell phone.

Close up of the wallpaper so you can get a true feeling of how hideous it is! :)
 So, I have a brilliant idea, I bought some paint, then when I want to get a script filled for my son I found some towels, a trash can, a rug, and a soap dispenser that match my marvelous plan. Soon the blue tub and sink will fit nicely into my transformed room!

Stay tuned for the finished product, in the meantime, wish me a "Happy Painting!"


  1. In the future if you decide you hate the blue tub/sink, you can also get some paint specifically designed for redoing those kinds of surfaces...I personally can't stand anything other than white! Don't ask me why...
    PS: I'm weird and actually liked the sea-themed wallpaper...(??? LOL)

  2. Thanks Liz, I've read about the paint and planned on doing that originally, BUT it's $40 and I think I'd need one for the tub and one for the sink (I read a DIY blog that suggested spraying it on the tub and painting the sink)so that would be $80. Right now, it seemed more reasonable to change the walls for $17! I think my idea will work great though...If I can only get the wallpaper off :)

  3. Wow those are blue! Haha! I can't wait to see your finished product! Happy Painting!


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