Friday, August 26, 2011

Progress Report

I've decided to have a running blog post to update ya'll on my bathroom project this weekend to keep me accountable! I'll time stamp each new entry in this one post to keep it tidy and interesting. And to be true to life, I'll include the "My husband is out of town so of course the kids..." stories as well.

Nap time this afternoon:
I had hoped to get all of the wallpaper peeled, or at least the top layer peeled off, while Micah napped. I barely finished peeling the top layer off of two panels (the wallpaper was put on in about 18 in strips). Micah's nap was longer than I anticipated and I got less than on tenth of the way done with phase one.

After Dinner: 
The kids and I were in the basement. They were running around, I was organizing/unpacking/cleaning. I had been giving some sample Cascade Action Packs (those two in one packets for the dishwasher) as a "moving in" present and found them in the basement with our painting supplies so I threw the unopened package of samples on the stairs for my next trip up. Fast forward awhile and Micah comes to me crying out, and spitting in horror. I look over and even before I process what I see, I can smell the soap. He has a sparse Santa beard of dishwashing powder on his chin. I pick him up and race up the stairs to start flushing his mouth out with water.
As I have Micah flung over the sink I realize I need to call poison control, but I can't remember what those things are called and I don't have their number. "Owen, bring me the package that Micah opened to get that thing he just ate! NOW NOW NOW, Micah just ate poison I need the package with the words on it!"
After a minute of shuffling he comes up the stairs and says almost in tears "Um, mom, I'm sorry but I flushed it down the toilet!?!"
"What?! You flushed the package it came in down the toilet, why would you do that?"
"No, Mom. Wait. You need the green package? I have that!" and down the stairs he runs.
He get's back up, I hand Micah the glass of water and read the package looking for poison control's phone number and "in case of swallowing" directions.
I vaguely hear Owen continuing to talk about how he'd found the bit package on the floor "in the big room, where you were doing laundry" and decided to flush it down the toilet because it was open.
Micah drops the glass in the sink.
I reach down to take it from him so he doesn't cut himself, but nearly dropped Micah, so in catching him, I dropped the glass again, shattering it in the sink.
Poison control's number is not on the package, I finally find it online and called. I'm glad I did because Cascade can occassionally cause severe swelling of lips, tongue and throat. Micah is fine. Lady comments that she can hear Micah happy as a clam while I'm trying to prevent him from getting into stuff, she makes me laugh when she say's "he's a busy one isn't he?" and I thought if you only knew because yeah, he's busy but he's MY laid back one!  I make her laugh as I tell her the recap she said "wow you've had an eventful day."
"That was just the last five minutes!"
Praise the Lord that Micah didn't have an adverse reaction to the soap, praying tomorrow he doesn't have an upset belly.
He touches milk to his skin and turns bright red but he can eat soap without any physical symptoms. Go figure. The human body is an interesting and intricate thing, hmmm gives new meaning to "I will create man in my image" that God says in Genesis. hmmmm. A late pondering thought.

1:00 AM 
I have been stripping wallpaper since 8:30 with the exception of a one hour break, and I still have about a third of the bathroom to go. This wallpaper is CRAPPY!!!! It does not peel well. Um, well, actually, it does not peel, is more accurate. The goal was to wash the walls during nap time and prime after bedtime. We shall see, we shall see.

I have a BIG job for the boys in the morning. Throw away all the paper scraps. Micah will love it. Owen? Not so much.

Oh, boy. It's late. Good night bathroom update blog stalkers :)


  1. Note: I know soap and poison really aren't one and the same, but I said that for the sake of helping Owen to understand the urgency of the matter.

    Note: The more I have thought about it, though I was shocked, the more I have realized Owen's decision to flush the open soap packet was probably a good one. They desolve in water anyway so it shouldn't cause pluming issues, and well, now the soap isn't a risk for Micah anymore. :)

    Note: I'm excited to have this project because it's giving me focus and stuff, but I'm also trying very hard to be careful not to let it over run my whole weekend, not to take away from my kids and the time they very much deserve. Looking forward to a walk with the boys in the AM, if Owen will go, he refused one tonight. :/

    Now, it's a good night.

  2. Oh, my goodness, you are definitely dedicated to the "task at hand." Loved the story of the dishwasher packet but know that was really quite scary. I had to call Poison Control once when my children were little and I was so embarressed. I figure they thought I was some negligent Mom.

    Good luck for the remainder of the project!


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