Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Joys Of Parenting

I don't have much time for blogging today, but I had to write something to replace all yesterday's negativity with. It was fun to write yesterday's post-- bellying about all the ridiculousness that goes along with parenting! I got a little carried away though, so today, here is a quick list of the joys I blatantly overlooked yesterday.

Beneath the bellyaching I really am abundantly blessed, and 1000% in love with my life. 

A four year old's insistent use of the word "Momma" before or after (and occasionally both before and after) every sentence uttered.

"Momma, that looks like a police station." 
"Momma did you know that I have T-ball tonight momma?" 
"I'm four now but after my birthday then I'll be 5 momma." 
"Momma, give me a hug and kiss bye bye. Momma will you wave to me toooooooo momma?" 

 The way Micah say's "Sorry" to his brother and gives him a hug when he does something mean, but even more endearing is how he does it when Owen was the one who did something that hurt Micah.


{Joyful clapping and squealing} when Micah sees his dad or myself. 

Owen's love for cucumbers 
Micah's love for anything other than tomatoes or lettuce

Micah's heart for worship, even at such a young age! 

Owen's new found love of T-ball and the importance it seems to give him, like his life has a new purpose. It's so sweet and interesting to see even at 4 without being told, as a male he instinctively seeks and feels pride from his physical accomplishments.

Love you all! Thanks for stopping by today, I'd love to hear what you are feeling blessed by today :)


  1. What cute little blessings! But, I know that some days can be tough and that's okay. Tough days are quickly replaced by not so tough days where fun memories are made. Blessings to you!

  2. THANKS FOR THE VIDEOS SIS!!!! Man those are sweet little boys. Micah 's gonna be a rock star, and owen a baseball star!

  3. Such a cute post Teresa :) Your boys are so adorable...


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