Thursday, May 19, 2011

Take Your Shoes Off....

and stay awhile! 

Recently I've seen several bloggers requesting their followers to come out of the closet. Their terms and reasons vary, but the message is always the same.

What it comes down to is support. By hitting the Google "Follow" button on the right side of my blog, you are not just announcing yourself to me, but showing other people you support my blog. That word follow, means to me that you are more than just a reader or an invited house guest but a friend who feels welcomed. One at home enough to stop by anytime, unannounced, kick off your shoes, get yourself a glass of soda, and lay on the couch.

That's the kind of environment I'm trying to build, a friendly, welcoming place, where I write about the realness of being a Christian, a mom, a wife, a friend. One where you know you can turn and easily find verses and words of comfort when you are hurting, or see pictures and read stories that will make you belly laugh along with me.

I try wholeheartedly to keep my focus on God, to remember that all praise, and success through this place is thanks to and because of Him. That said, I love being able to get to know my readers, to see that people are enjoying what their reading, to read comments, see my followers increase, to connect with your interests, visit your blogs, send you emails of prayer or thanks.

Whether you call it "lurking in the shadows", "vacationing for a week or two", "entering through the backdoor of Facebook" (or other blogs) I know you are out there. By hitting that Follow button, you are showing me that you are at home here. You will also be kept up to date of new posts (hint: I don't always publish my posts to Facebook, for fear of bogging too many uninterested friends down with it) through google. You do not need to be a blogger to officially follow me.

I love having you around, whether your an invited house guest or welcomed friend, thank you for being here.

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