Monday, May 16, 2011

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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. I still have a beautiful (to me) piece that I need to finish up and get posted. After spending 3 hours getting it perfect and tying up all lose ends so that it was cohesive and coherent (this was just the time I spent editing it!) Blogger broke and I couldn't post it. Then my computer ran out of battery before Blogger got fixed and my fools attempt at saving it was negated. I haven't revisited the piece yet because it tugs at the heartstrings and I believe I needed a few days away from it before I could go back in and do it justice. It is my hope to post it yet today.

2. I love sewing. I love creating beautiful things out of beautiful material. I loved it in high school and begged for a sewing machine, my parents ended up buying it for all of us to share, and my sister ended up confiscating it. She had an even bigger heart for sewing and I couldn't exactly take a sewing machine with me to college now could I? Back then I made some pillows and some purses of varying sizes and styles (all patternless) while she made her prom dress! Fast forward to mommy hood and I've taken up a little hand sewing.

I started making the kids costumes, but without owning a sewing machine most of them were made by hand. The elephant ears did need a sewing machine but Elmo, the Dino Pants (they matched a coat we had which he wore, but I didn't want to imply I made the coat) were hand sewn. I hand crafted buzz as well but no sewing there.

I haven't done a ton of sewing but when I do it, I love it. This weekend I bought some material to make myself a couple skirts with a friend...however, I couldn't wait! So I hand sewed the first one and it turned out magnificently! Then I was like, well I'll just cut the pattern for the second more complicated one, so it's ready for my friend to help me with her machine...Now it's nearly done!!!! I also took two long sleeved worn out shirts and have decided to turn them into tank tops (nearly done), a tank that was too tight and added a strip of matching material in the front so it fits again, and turned a jean skirt that was at an awkward too long length into a cute cut off skirt! I hope to make a video of my treasures when I'm done.

Imagine what I could do when I get a sewing machine? But part of me is content to stay where I'm at, sewing with a needle and thread. It might be slower, and I may have to go over my seams a few times because I worry about them being able to hold, but I feel like it's one of the most simplistic things I can do. Technology has invaded nearly every aspect of this world, found a way to take things and 'perfect' them to the point where they are too easy, and taken for granted. We have gone from letters to emails, books to Nooks and Kindles, manual photography to digital, from the darkroom to Photoshop. I know that sewing machines have been around longer than computers but I still feel like, for me, sewing by hand is one of the few things I do anymore where I sit and enjoy the process of it, where I can use my bare hands to form something beautiful.

3. Speaking of books to Kindles. I love mine. (I know I know, but I DO!) I don't have to worry about losing my page, or reread the same book 15 thousand times because I ran out of personal spending money buying material! (yes, I did). Free books, library rental options, fun word games. My entertainment is endless and thus far, FREE! Can't wait to take it with me to ATLANTA and read on the plane, by the pool, in my room....Well, ok I might have to put it down and spend some time with my hubby too as this is supposed to be OUR mini-VACATION :)

4. So, I woke up as the grumpiest wife and mommy in the entire world this's not my fault (I deftly convince myself) as I was rudely awoken 3 times between the ugliness of 6:00 and 6:45.

5. So, while I'm still grumpy Owen was acting like a buffoon and flying Buzz around the TV. Twice he banged into stuff making loud noises and big messes, twice I told him to cut it out and get ready to leave. Of course he didn't and crash three brought with it a loud cry, a hand clasped with the death grip to his chin and a loud I'm hurt cry. A little mommy investigation and a giant praise the Lord later I declared him ok. He bit the inside of his lip and potentially could have bit through his lip or knocked out a tooth but I said "You are one lucky boy, God spared you a very bad injury."  So what if I then told him I believed God was trying to get a hold of him and remind him of how important it is for him to listen to his mom? I firmly believe God reminds us of things and gives us little lessons throughout our day.

6. Shortly after this my grumpy butt was hiding in the kitchen getting dinner into the crock pot. I peeked into the living room to see that Micah wasn't getting into trouble and instead focused in on Owen. He had Buzz in one hand and some other figure in the other. This is what I heard.

Owen voice 1: "But I don't want you to die!"
Owen voice 2: "Don't worry about me. I want to die. I want to die on the cross"
Owen voice 1: "You do?"
Owen voice 2: "Yes, I want to die on the cross for your sins so you can go to heaven"

Ok, so I guess God was giving both of us a lesson this morning. My grumpy heart melted a little, I finished dinner, and tried to be more patient as I finished the morning routine. Doesn't it really "girt your girdle" when the Lord uses your children to teach you lessons like this?

7. I love blogging because I can use words like heartstrings, negated, deftly, buffooon, and phrases like "girt your girdle" all in the same place.

8. Is "girt your girdle" even a real phrase? Or did I just make that up?


  1. I can't wait to see your sewing creations! I WISH I had the patience to even find out if I'm good at making things lol! Maybe some day....

    I often tell Lizzy and Eva (Eddie not quite old enough to get it) that when they do things they know they aren't supposed to and they get hurt or caught, that God is trying to teach them a lesson and if they don't want to get hurt or get into trouble, that maybe next time they will think before they act. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't ;) I guess He and I will just keep tyring lol!

  2. Teresa, Thanks so much for stopping by, I love meeting new blogging folks and you are definitely my kind of young lady. Oh, to work with one's hands brings such satisfaction and I so admire you and your sewing. Good, good for you!

    You are going to enjoy Atlanta so much, so, so much fun and so glad you and your Hubby will get to enjoy a little getaway there.

    Bless you and thanks for the compliment on my blog header. I'll definitely be back!

  3. Love your miscellany! I wish I knew how to sew. :(

  4. Erika - I'm glad I'm not alone! ;)

    Lea- Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to get to know you better and glean all I can from you :)

    Lori- You can do it! There are TONS of easy projects online and all it takes is a needle and thread...and well, no one sees the INSIDES of my projects, it's a little like my handwriting, sloppy but effective!

  5. Enjoyed Owen's conversation with Buzz! Yes, indeed, Just as Psalm 8:2 says: "From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger." (so it's interesting even what HE SAID!)


Thank you for your comments and love!