Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Safe and Sound

If you read Saturday's post you learned of my passion for praying for unborn babies (I think I called it an obsession, which is probably much more accurate). Today I learned that one of my (fairly frequent) acquaintances had an alarming or inconclusive and abnormal ultrasound yesterday. I only know a little and none of it makes sense to me. In a nutshell I was told they found two placentas and that the umbilical cord goes into a membrane before connecting to the baby (?). As if that isn't enough, they also found evidence that leads them to believe this baby might have downs-syndrome.

And now they wait. I'm not sure when the follow up testing will be done, but at this point all I know is that they don't know anything. I cannot imagine what these parents are going through.

It is my understanding that this woman is a fairly new believer follower of Christ. I know they have been going to and getting involved in a good church for the last year or two and have some solid Christian friends. However, I pray that this will not shake their faith and instead make them stronger, more faithful, and give them a testimony that they are eager and able to share with anyone and everyone they know.

I believe we can't ever pray enough for these unborn miracles. I love this song, I first heard it during my third pregnancy, a time where my heart was simultaneously joyful and fragile. I listened to this song several times a day and prayed for the opportunity to sing it to Micah John. I remember having Owen dance on my toes to it a few times too. Now I am praying with all of my heart for this baby (I'll call him/her L3) and the others I know whom the Lord is currently knitting and forming in their mothers wombs.

Baby L3
Lord I pray special for Baby l3 today, please place your healing hands around him/her and bless this family with a miracle. Give them peace that passes understanding and help their friends (and myself) to surround them with constant prayers, love and support.

Baby Ames

Mallory's wee one

Baby Roberts

Baby G2

Sarah's wee one

Leah's wee one

Megan's wee one

A future #6 (-;

Shannon's wee one

Brittney's wee one

Diane's wee one

A future baby AS-E#1
Please Lord, they have been trying for so long, help them not to grow weary

Lyndsie's future adopted baby - Baby B

Maybe one day in the future I'll add another baby of our own to the list, but as Karen Kingsbury always puts in her forwards "And [thanks] to the Lord Almighty, who has --for now-- blessed me with these."

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