Saturday, April 30, 2011

Classic Owen

My husband created an online album for us so that we can have the best of our pictures saved in a third back up file....The first file uploaded were from Owen's first several months. Some of the pictures were just too good not to share.

Just for fun :) a quick post with pictures which made us laugh out loud! My poor Owen  :)

Dally Cat hated me for weeks after we brought him home. This was the closest she would get to him and you can almost see what she's thinking in her eyes "It's only a matter of time until I'm left at a farm" Well, she was right, though it took us another 3 years before we finally did it!

I sent this to dad at work when O was a week old. The email was called "Daddy do you miss me?"

Before he could crawl or even roll he could do this backwards head scooting thing. Look at the arch in his back!

This will be the post I show when he starts bringing girls home.

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