Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines and Perspectives

So, I realize this post is a few days late but since I wrote it in my head on Monday, it wasn't really late at all. Sigh, the best laid plans. I just didn't get the time to sit down Monday night to brag. Then Tuesday same story. So here I am, using the boys nap time, to get caught up on my blogging. 

Ah, Valentines day <3 this years Hallmark Holiday inspired my hubby to do something amazing for me and caused me some reflection on how our perspectives change as our situation does. 

I could not have been more swept off of my feet this year. All last week I was "stuck" at home, with a sick child, then sick myself and the house just went from clean to "NIGHTMARE" overnight, skipping over messy, mediocre and dirty all together. The fact that my dear husband was willing to take a "day off" of work and turn it into a "put love into action" day for me was the most amazing and special gift I could have asked for.

Office rearranged and DEEP cleaned
Our first Valentine's was a week after we first said "I love you" and he wrote me a love poem and designed me a card, it was adorable. It too was the most amazing and special gift I could have asked for, and the reason was because he mentioned marriage and forever in the poem. (Talk about butterflies and flutters of young love!) 
One year, I sent his coworker a box of Valentines goodies and had them decorate his office for me. That was so much fun, I totally embarrassed him (which was the point!). 

Dining Room
There have been many gifts that have surprised me, blessed me, over the years. A heart shaped Necklace right before Owen was born, last year he planned a romantic date (I'm sure this one could be said for several years) etc. And each year the gift I receive is the perfect expression for that time. I don't think I would have been impressed by a day of cleaning for our first married Valentines. Sure it would have been nice, but it wouldn't have met a need and frustration that I battle daily, and frankly it wouldn't have been that hard as we didn't then have a tornado and a hurricane prancing around our home destroying everything in their paths.

A true work of art! 
I am truly blessed and deeply impressed by my husbands love for me this year and love that his gift was to greatly reduce my stress! (Did you enjoy that cheesy rhyme?)

My "other" Valentines were quite cute as well. They had a party at daycare on Monday (yes, they actually both attended daycare on Monday, truly a miracle) at which they passed out valentines. I used an idea I found featured here at Money Saving Mom which she found at Frugal Chic Living and Alissa from 24-7-365
Originally I attempted to do this project on my own using my husbands Photoshop program. It took me about 45 minutes to do the first picture and 15 minutes to duplicate it for the second one. 

I was quite proud of myself and thought they had turned out adorably. But then when I went to upload them and print them from Walmart I had resolution troubles so I had to ask hubby for his help. In half the amount of time he whipped up these beauties.... (Gotta love being married to a graphic designer!)

The only thing I don't like is how they crinkled when we put the suckers in, but it's probably because the boys didn't stick their hands straight out for me (I struggled to get shots of their hands and their faces both doing what they were supposed to and infact never did for Micah hence the above "in care of my big brother" pose...but thanks to talent and photo shop we get the picture below) and thus the fists were very small. 

One more picture from my loves to you, as I thought it was just too cute to ignore. God bless you and I hope you too shared in a unique and timely expression of love this Valentines Day. 


  1. Those are the cutest Valentines I've ever seen!

  2. can you please send me one of each? that picture of Micah's CRACKS ME UP!!

  3. Love Love Love the Valentine's! I've never seen anything like cute! Your blog is great as is truly you!


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