Sunday, February 13, 2011


This afternoon, Micah finally took a significant nap. However, 87% of said nap was in my arms. Every time I went to put him down, he would wake up and panic. So, I spent 75% of my afternoon sitting in the rocking chair rocking my baby. At first, I kept thinking about the things I could be doing, making granola, bagging cookies, running to Walmart to pick up our pictures, taking advantage of the warm weather and cleaning the van. Then I decided their could be worse things than those things not getting completed because I was holding my child. I thought of my friend Felicia who lost her little girl (approximately the same age as Micah) a few months ago, and realized she probably would give anything to have a few extra minutes sitting in a rocking chair letting everything else go, for one more smell, kiss, or tender nap in her arms.

Praying for Felicia and her family.

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