Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Virtual Gratitude Notebook

A week ago my dear friend Cara Schramm had several items out of what she called her "Gratitude Notebook" posted as her status. She said she leaves this notebook on her dryer and adds to it when things occur to her. The items she posted were high in the 300's. I'm sure I have 300+ things that I'm grateful for, and yet, I'm sure that the praises I send up often sound like a "broken record" to my Lord and Provider. Cara's ongoing list inspired me.

Then I stumbled upon Gratituesday over at Heavenly Homemakers blog linky party (if this isn't the correct term, forgive me, I'm still learning all the blog lingo) encouraging people to share the things that they are grateful for and I decided to merge Cara's poetic idea with Laura's. So I hope to post new items to my "Virtual Gratitude Notebook" every Tuesday and link them up to Laura's blog.

  1. Spell check :) otherwise this post would be laden with the word greatful instead of the appropriate grateful.
  2. Getting a gentle back rub from my husband after my 5 am nursing session with Micah.
  3. The privileged to nurse Micah John and to still have the strength, and motivation to be doing so at 14 months. 
  4. Owen's boy language even if I can't understand or comprehend it it is beautiful in it's own unique way.
  5. Bottled water
  6. Joyful House Farms and every one of their "staff" members :)
  7. My church family
  8. My girls ;) 
  9. The blue eyes, blue jeans, and hair cuts that make my boys look like mini men.
  10. My husbands "new" job.
  11. My job.
  12. My daycare provider, her love for Christ, her ability to teach my child, her passion for sharing the importance of prayer with her daycare kids.
  13. The bruise on my eyebrow and the funny story, inside jokes, that my husband share along with it.
  14. Salt truck and snow plow drivers
  15. The smell of peeling an orange. 
More next week my lovelies!
Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

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