Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Hat for Ivan, by Max Lucado

We received Max Lucado's "A Hat for Ivan" around Christmas time and Owen and I immediately fell in love with it. Well, maybe I fell a little harder than Owen did!

What can be greater than a story about hats? Reading it with a couple of goof balls wearing a couple of goofy hats!

Owen's "hat" is a pair of Micah's pajama pants. He called it the "funniest hat of all."

It's a fun story about a boy trying to find his place in life. Throughout the story Ivan is gifted hat after hat to carry around and wear for his friends, but none of them fit him or are what he expected. Max Lucado has a beautiful way of telling a story that appeals to children while weaving in insights that resonate with adults on a deeper level as well.

The illustrations in this book are beautiful and full of detail. I love looking at the pictures with Owen and letting him comment on the different hats. Each hat represents a job and it's neat to hear Owen's perceptions and opinions about different needs and responsibilities for each job and how the hat would help them work.

The one "problem" that I have with the book, is that it is very long. I think the length would be perfect for someone with the attention span of say a 6yr old or older but at this age and stage in our lives it is hard to get either of the boys to sit still long enough to get through the whole story. Last night I split it into two different reading sessions. I started the book after work while dinner was cooking and we were waiting for Brian to get home from work. Then Brian finished the book for Owen's bedtime story. 

We love stories that are fun, intelligent and beautiful and this story is all three. More than that though,I love this book for the opportunity that it brings for us to weave God into our every day living. For instance, now that wearing hats is associated with reading "A Hat for Ivan" when we get bundled up to go out in the snow, or put on a visor, a baseball hat, or even a Santa hat, the door has been opened to talk with Owen about the "hat maker."

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