Tuesday, January 18, 2011

101 Things in 1001 Days - Update

A few weeks into my 101 Ambitions I wanted to review and reflect. Something I hope to do periodically throughout the entire 1001 days. So far I have officially completed one task and have made significant progress towards 9 others. However, because many of them are on going goals or lifestyle changes I cannot confidently say that a few weeks in I have mastered them, but the progress is noteworthy none the less.

Take a peek at my current progress report:

Stop sinfully burying my talents and hiding behind fears of inadequacy - Began 1/4/2011, with the creation of my blog and putting my love of writing to work.
18.  Buy and play a new board game together – I purchased a game this weekend with the intent to play it together that night, but it never happened. So we have Rummikimb waiting for us whenever we get a spare hour or two together.
61.  Don’t take the boys for granted, enjoy each possible moment - See “Expecting the Unexpected” in my blog
62.  Cook with whole grains and more veggies for at least 6 weeks - Began 1/2/2011 and have been doing well for 15 days so far. We have consumed only a few products made with all purpose flour/grains.
63.  Lower the artificial food coloring consumed in our household - Began 1/2/2011, there are only about 3 items in my house at this moment which contain artificial food coloring. This one is very hard, it’s amazing how many things contain food coloring, plus it makes grocery shopping a little more expensive.
74.  Put new family pictures on the walls - Pictures ordered 1/18/2011.
86.  Exercise 3 times a week for at least 6 weeks in a row - Began 1/2/2011, so far I've done 2 times a week for 2 weeks...Need to step it up.
87.  Do crunches and push-ups every day for a month - Began 1/2/2011, I've done this every weekday for 3 weeks, I need to begin including weekends.
95.  Create a blog - Fulfilled 1/4/2011
96.  Blog something every week for a year (approximately 1,000 words) - Began 1/4/2011, going pretty well. I was struggling to write my next post last week, but broke the barrier on Friday with inspiration that came from a doctors waiting room. I also have another idea for a good solid post that I’ve been mulling over and hope to post this week. So far so good.


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