Wednesday, January 16, 2013

On Life: A long overdue update

So excited to be back here, ready to share with you about the many blessings we have experienced lately. It's going to be a whirlwind, so hang on friends!

1. The announcements have been made, via Christmas cards, facebook, and one on one interactions, but the last step is sharing it here in my blog. Are. You. Ready? {Que the drum roll please}

2. Baby Girl has a name. Sienna Marie. Isn't it beautiful? {hint: if you don't agree, don't tell me ;)}
We wish Sienna had biblical meaning like the boys first names, but it has personal meaning to us as we (my husband and I) met at Siena Heights University. And I'm excited to be passing down my middle name to her as well, a name that has meaning in both my family and Brian's family.

3. Early in December I posted that I really wanted the month to be a time where we, as a family, stepped back and spent more time in the Word, focusing on Advent and the reason for Christmas. I'm happy to report that we did that. And it went well. I also used that time to step away from Facebook a bit, limiting myself to 15 minutes or so a day and really tried to evaluate facebook and it's place in my life. It was a good time for me.

4. As a result of that time, analyzing and processing, I made some changes to my facebook settings and hacked it to be more suitable to my needs as they stand right now. I was fed up with the negativity that would stream into my life through the feeds. I was overwhelmed and annoyed by the ads, political platforms, and the accusations, anger and bitterness people seem to thrive on. But, I also highly value having access to communicate with old friends, church friends, babyfit friends, and family who is spread across country wide, and grow deeper in those relationships. Facebook is the easiest way for me to share family photos with those who are closest to me. But I've come to realize, that not everyone on my friends list needs to see everything I post, and I don't need to know what everyone on my list is doing either. So, I'm utilizing the "Close Friends" list Facebook provides. I've set my status', and photos to be visible to this list only and have selected about 25% of my friends list for this list. These are the people who are edifying in some way, who help me to grow in my relationship with the Lord, who make me laugh, or who simply mean the world to me. Plain and simple. When I log onto Facebook I simply select that list, and scroll through those status's and posts and avoid the main news feed as much as possible. And I must say, I made this change on the first of the year and the difference it has made is unreal. Facebook is now a place that I have some control over. It's a place that brings me light, and doesn't consume too much of my time. I still have access to all of my friends and them to me, and allow my blog posts and occasional status's to go to the whole friends list, but this has helped me to be more productive and allow facebook to influence me in a positive way instead of taking all the negativity with the good.

5. The Lord blessed us with a new car this month. Several weeks back we had a call from a relative saying they would be selling a car and wondering if we were interested in it, for a good deal, we were! With the holidays and a few details that needed to be worked out. Then one day my van up and died, we think it's the battery but my husband can't get it out for several reasons, and low and behold this opportunity was already there for a quick, stress free replacement that was able to help us out before we suffered any of the inconveniences of being down to one car. PRAISE THE LORD! I call the car "Gramps."

6. The Lord is really showing himself and his blessings right now through favor in both of our work places, and that, in a time where our economy is struggling is an absolute blessing that must be sung in praise!

7. This last weekend the Lord blessed us with a rare treat for Michigan. Beautiful weather in January. It was so nice that we took some time out from our cleaning and errands and busy day to get Micah's new bike put together and allow him to experience it for the first time. A giant thank you to my parents for the amazing gift,  a bike is more than just a possession to a little boy, it's opportunity, and personal ownership, it's that feeling of being big. Take a look for yourself (yes, they are in pajamas at 4 in the afternoon, and Gramps is in the driveway so you get to see a lot of his tail end)...

Micah: "Yeaaaaaaa, Micah!" 

8. Owen got a Wii for Christmas, and loves it more than life itself lol. Working on trying to make sure he stays grounded and doesn't get too absorbed into video games. Rules and time limits have been of the up most importance. Micah's imagination never stops working. He is always making up stories, and pretending that his bed is a spaceship has helped improve our bedtime routine by significant amounts. Our lives have been measurably changed, and it all started with a blanket my sister made him for Christmas, a blanket with space pictures, and rockets. The "Magic Blanket." Basically, the blanket just helped us realize that Micah functions in imagination, I'm trying to use this new knowledge to help think of creative ways to teach him things like the ABC's and spelling, phone numbers etc, simply singing a song doesn't work for him the way it did for Owen. 

And, that my friends, is most of it. God continues to stir in our hearts with our new years theme of being rooted and we are so excited about the ministries we are involved in at church and the attitude we are re-cultivating in our home.
"Look mom, it can fly like Mary Poppins"

Photo by Micah

May God bless you abundantly, until Friday!

Teresa :)

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