Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I haven't really had many cohesive thoughts lately, most of what has been floating around my head has been random, so  here is to a little bit of random to help keep life real.

I want a miniature dog. Like a Puggle or better yet, a Pocket Puggle. My husband says he can't read me, one week ago I never ever ever wanted an animal in our home, and now I am searching pet adoption and favorite family friendly breeds. Claire says it's got to be the baby, because "you have never a day in your (adult) life wanted a dog." I blame the missionaries currently staying at my office and their cute little tiny dog that is indoor potty trained and likes to sit on my baby bump.

But, if we got a dog, we'd have to potty train a dog, and well, I'm potty training Micah, so I think that would be a bit too much to handle.

Seriously though, Micah would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get a Puggle for Christmas, he'd be beside himself. It might just be that over the top reward that would keep him on track ;) lol

I told you I'm random.

In the last week the baby movements have picked up about ten fold. I'm feeling frequent movement now, though she/he still isn't quite strong enough to be felt by anyone else yet.

Micah frequently wraps his arms around my body and puts his head on my stomach and refuses to move saying "I'm missing the baby" or "I need the baby." The best is when he puts his feet on my stomach and then starts laughing (seemingly at himself) and joyously exclaims "The baby is tickling me!!" He enjoys playing the naming game which goes something like this:
MJ: Name the baby Shirt!
Me: Shirt?!? I can't name the baby Shirt! Shirt, go put on your Shirt, that would be con-FU-sing!
MJ: Name the baby TV!
Me. TV?!? I can't name the baby TV! TV, please turn off the TV, that would be con-FU-sing!

You get the idea. So funny.

Owen still calls the baby, Suuuuuuuuuuuu-san, or Captain Underpants and is excited because I'm finally getting fat (and it's okay to say so!!! Perhaps that's the real excitement in it, lol.)

Really looking forward to having about 13 days off of work starting tomorrow afternoon. Good long stretch for potty training, relaxing, reading, family time, and just soaking up the memories with my precious little guys.

I'm doing Christmas Cards this year and I'm super excited about them, though the address wrangling is a pain. I'm actually creating a spreadsheet that I plan to keep updated but it's been a lot of work. So glad I started that way beforehand. And at this point, I'm done begging. If I don't have your address you don't get a card, and that is that. (bushes hands together).  The cards will probably arrive just after Christmas, but as I'll have them at the post office by the end of this week, that will be the post offices fault, not mine ;)

Prayers have been so mixed lately, there is so much pain in this world, it's hard to find the words, and mixed with that is joy and excitement for so many of my friends whom the Lord is doing big things for right now. I think of how the Lord must feel these conflicting emotions, joy and sorrow, everyday, celebrating and grieving with all of His children, daily. There for us, in the good as well as the bad.

Now seriously, back to the Pocket Puggle, how can you not fall in love with these beautiful little faces???

If we were to get a dog, we would seriously have to name it Random. We'd have to, because this is the most ridiculous and completely off the wall idea I've ever had.

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