Monday, June 13, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend

We had a delightful, but crazy weekend. Brian's brother came over from Wisconsin to visit us and attend their sister's wedding with us. Friday night we hung out, had a casual dinner, put an offer on a house, and watched a movie. Jason is always good company and every time we see him we just wish we were closer.

The wedding was at Kalahari, which was a very unique, large and fun location. The ceremony was outside on a beautiful but hot day. The kids had a lot of down time so it was nice that the convention center had some large spacious hallway's for them to run around and play in with relatively little danger.

I love weddings. They are full of magic and fun, hopes and dreams. I pray they have an amazing marriage and that the Lord will guide them through the trials of life together. They are a beautiful and lovely couple and I can't wait to be there for them and with them as they start each new chapter.

I forgot my video camera during the ceremony, but Brian managed to get a fun video of them cutting the cake and their first dance. I'll put them here so you can see how beautiful she looked, and how happy they are!

Here are a couple of videos of the fun at our table! Owen's entertainment of choice completely cracks me up. I came back to the table and after a brief second of being completely appalled I realized I was totally impressed. As far as I know he came up with this idea all on his own. What's it matter if everyone's forks were handled by his grubby hands or dropped on the floor? If they didn't mind, I wasn't going to fuss! So, there are two short videos of that, and one of our table-mates my cousin-in-law whom I adore with her boyfriend whom she clearly adores, and Brian's aunt and uncle. I am very blessed with a delightful extended in law family. I even enjoyed a short dance with my father-in-law for the Daddy Daughter dance. I had a wonderful time! 

Did you see my pregnant sister-in-law at the end there? She's 39 weeks with the first baby girl in our family, and she's scheduled to have her To-M0-Rr-Ow. What a lovely week to be part of the Thomas/Curtis family! 

These next two videos crack me up. Owen was having a riot on the dance floor. Yes he knocked over 10 kids a hundred times, but as you will see, each time he stopped to say he was sorry and see if they were ok. Proof I'm doing something right, right? Ok, well just let me live in my fantasy bubble for a little longer then ;) 
Watch closely, amidst all the running around there are a couple of really hilarious butt shakes and Michael Jackson moves mixed in! The little man in a tux is the bride and groom's son, my nephew Cayden, and the bulge around Owen's waistline, his big boy boxers. Enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed our weekend as much as we did {wink} without the shinsplints (from walking so much in a pair of should-have-been-trashed-upon-graduation-but-i'm-too-cheap-to-buy-a-new-pair shoes)! After saying goodbye (always hate saying goodbye) to Uncle Jason, we took all day for our little family to relax and recover, and yet we were all still a little exhausted this morning, a true sign of a good time.

Hope you had a blessed weekend as well!

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  1. The wedding looked like SO much fun and the bride was beautiful! Congrats to your sister-in-law on her baby girl. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend. :-)


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